Starhawk debuts behind Sniper Elite, Prototype 2 and Fifa12 in UK

The Analog Stick says "Things don’t look good for Sony as their flagship multiplayer shooter “Starhawk” debuted at number 14 in this week’s UK charts below Sniper Elite V2, Prototype 2 and even Fifa 12 which was released last year. Full sales chart after the jump."

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Sizzon3667d ago

Sony needs to advertise their games better, I have Starhawk and I really enjoy the MP, but sadly it won't sell that much.

S_C3667d ago

Starhawk MP is one of the best i have played in years. Sony, advertise your daam games, i havent seen 1 advert about SH in the UK .

Nikobaxton3667d ago

Yes exactly. SCEE needs to step their game up.

LOGICWINS3667d ago

You realize that they skimp on advertising to fund the development of 1st party exclusive titles such as Starhawk right? I'd rather have them do that than spend the bulk of their funds on advertising. If you want Starhawk to be advertised, do it yourself.

Tell your friends/family, go on Youtube/Facebook etc.

S_C3667d ago

I dont mean spend a ton of money on it, but to not see 1 advert about the game that is bad

LOGICWINS3666d ago

^^LOL, thats how serious Sony is about their 1st party games I guess. They don't even want to spend a dime on adverts it seems.

MrDead3666d ago


I love this game but if you live in the UK and you don't go on game sites or buy game related magazines you will have little to no clue of this games existence.

Sony take care of my gaming needs very well and to me are second to none on the console market but good product awareness create sales and help fund games like this. I like the fact that so much goes into funding and developing new IP’s but using a little more cash on advertising I’m sure would bring huge rewards for them and see sales increase.

LOGICWINS3666d ago

MrDead, I agree with you to an extent, but Sony doesn't have the funds to market all their exclusives properly. Not advertising and advertising a little will ALWAYS have the same result for PS3 exclusives...being outshined by the more popular multiplatform game coming out in the same month, in this case Max Payne 3.

Advertising only works with PS3 exclusives when its done in a BIG way like Uncharted 3.

Outside_ofthe_Box3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

I don't recall Warhawk being advertized. This game probably doesn't need to sell that much to turn a profit. Probably all Starhawk needs is the Warkhawk fans and a handful of new ones to buy it in order to turn a profit thus the reason why Starhwak isn't being advertize.

Sony does spend money on ads. I've been seeing several Vita commercials recently that show off MLB The Show/cross platform play whenever I watch Sports Center or a NBA Playoff game.

Assuming Last of Us comes out this year, I'd expect that and Battle Royale to get advertized.

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TOO PAWNED3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

B title. Crap SP solid MP. Have plenty of those on the market already. I preordered it at first but then canceled when I read the reviews about how shitty SP is. And yes I care about SP, just like when I but Uncharted. No excuses. If it sucks it sucks.
O and in before "It's a new IP".

FunAndGun3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Sorry but there really are not any games like Starhawk on the market already.

To disagrees:

Name ONE console game where you can go from jet/hawk to bike to tank, shape the battlefield by building structures, and have a MASSIVE map that goes 360 degree with 32 players??

it is really sad a lot of you look past innovation and originality as a selling point. keep on keepin' on same game Sally.

ginsunuva3666d ago

"...just like when I but Uncharted."

NastyLeftHook03666d ago

it sucks for anyone who cannot ATLEAST try it, there loss i guess, but it kind of sucks there not advertising it.

time2die3666d ago

Blame Sony for not promoting there games,went into my local Blockbuster store and was told they are not even stocking the game [go figure] its more than likely one of there biggest exclusive games of the year and Blockbuster are not stocking it.

Was not at any electrical store like Comet,currys,pc world and not even at my local supermarkets.

Drabent3666d ago

Sony support a real shooter like Dust 514 plz!!!.....I am glad I bought starhawk through cause I need more credit for Max payne 2night^^

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