5 great facts about Dishonored

Now that we know the release date for Arkane Studios upcoming, adventure game – Dishonored (9 October), we thought we'd dig up a few interesting facts about the title to get you all as excited about it as we are.

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DFogz3664d ago

I'm tired of people saying that Dishonored is a "steampunk" game. As far as I know, steampunk refers to an alternate history where combustion engines were never invented and everything is steam-powered. That isn't this game. The devs have come out and said, and I quote "This is not a steampunk game" so I don't know why everyone keeps thinking it is.

And I also don't know why the author of this article seems to think that Bioshock was also a steampunk game? Pretty sure that there wasn't any steam anywhere in either game... at all

thaiboy3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Hey Steampunk refers to more than Alternate history, it's genre is associated with a whole look. When people mention Dishonored and steampunk they are referring to the look and alternate history aspect of the game.

Thinking of steampunk and steam is taking the genre in a manor that is too literal..