Arkane Shouldn't Dismiss Dishonored - It's Still Their Best Work

The new-look Arkane could still learn from its own past.

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anast308d ago

But they will. It takes less creative energy to do MP live services.

SimpleSlave308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

I would say Prey and Dishonored both are their best work. Dishonored for the player movement and Prey for the world gameplay antics and freedom. Both for their amazing level design and player freedom and top shelf art direction. I would put them as equally deserving to continue.

On a side note. Please, if your going to continue PREY (you god damn well should), can you guys change the name to NEURO SHOCK? The Prey name did it no service whatsoever. Not only does it not really fit, but it created bad faith because of the original IP.

The best part is that the name Neuro Shock fits with the narrative of the game, the style of the game, it links it to System Shock and Bio Shock, and it also connects it to the novel Neuromancer. The book about hackers fighting a rogue AI that inspired System Shock's main conflict between the Hacker and Shodan...Seriously. WTF? It was right there...

Anyways, Dishonored and Neuro Shock...Now that's a couple of games worth investing on.

-Foxtrot308d ago

I love Dishonored

I was hoping for a third game which would take Corvo to a new location, possibly North and it would focus on the Outsider where we'd learn more about him. A game to wrap up both their stories in one last epic adventure.

However they basically rushed the Outsider storyline in the DLC for Dishonored 2 and wrap things up quickly which made no sense, it was a great basis for a third game. I really don't see the point wasting things in DLC, id software did the same thing with the Doom Eternal DLC.

They also said Corvo's story was done which again seems silly to me as the second one really fleshed him out as a character, why waste that. With the Outsider gone, how will anyone get the Outsiders mark for their powers now.

sourOG308d ago

They shouldn’t dismiss what they have learned. I like that they change IPs like underwear. Hopefully a future game will be heavily influenced by dishonored and prey. They need a couple big hitters first though. Deathloop is arguably their worst game of the bunch but it sold the most.

It’s like Hollywood, you have to make that one blockbuster to fund all of the other political garbage nobody want to buy. Except dishonored and prey aren’t garbage, they are great games that nobody bought. Hopefully red fall is a success and we’ll see a return to the prey/dishonored formula even if it’s not a return to those specific IP. They will have enough money for multiple projects. I think stacking your IP is a great idea. It adds more value and it’s a fresh start pallet cleanser. I also think branding recognition is highly overrated when it comes to gaming IP.

Father__Merrin308d ago

dishonoured is simply awesome. takes a while to get used to the type of stealth it uses ie high medium low stealth but ends up being an awesome title love the visuals its unique

Aussiesummer308d ago

Gives such a unique and great atmosphere hey.

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