Sin City game due next year

With the release of the sequel to 2005's Sin City movie on the horizon, Red Mile has told MCV that the video game adaptation of the dark and violent world will arrive early next year.

First depicted in Frank Miller's series of graphic novels, Sin City was made into a Hollywood movie in 2005, with comic author Frank Miller co-directing with Robert Rodriguez.

MK_Red5620d ago

They must be really careful because the source material is more than classic. Hope they are up to the challenge.

Caliber5620d ago (Edited 5620d ago )

Yeah, the movie version of the comics (err.. graphic novels.. =) is one of very few that actually was good, stayed true to the original material and satisfied the hardcore fans. I doubt that will be the case with this game..

Has Red Mile (their games: http://www.redmileentertain... ) really proven themselves worthy of a license of Sin City's caliber?
I hope for the best, but am prepared for trash..

Shankle5620d ago

Oh god. Another classic for them to butcher. There is no sacred ground in Hollywood.