PixelJumpers - Starhawk Review

"Starhawk has it’s fair share of issues, including flawed ground combat, a tedious campaign and somewhat unbalanced multiplayer, but if you’re willing to devote some time into learning the game's more intricate gameplay mechanics and you’ve got a group of friends willing to join you for some online battles, then it’s definitely worth a look. I mean it’s not everyday that you get to soar through space in a hawk, blow up some jet-packing enemies and then transform into a massive robot and wreak havoc on the ground. Right?" Oren Giladi, Editor-in-Chief

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TKCMuzzer2402d ago

I like it, the co-op is a blast and can be quite tricky on the harder levels. I even enjoyed the single player, though short.

vividi2402d ago

LOL you keep saying goty, its an awesome game especially the multipleyer and I am glad that people are having a great time as well, Long Live Play!

Hicken2402d ago

Though Starhawk is great and great fun, it's not a better experience than Journey.

grailly2402d ago

yeah, but when you're looking at goty, you comparing every game on the market so your point makes no sense

Kinger89382402d ago

Really am enjoying it but! Not many people use mic's on there! So need to add people that do as sure its much better that way! Kinger_8938 is my psn if anyone wants to play!

Its a pain when all my mates own 360's :( lol

2402d ago