OXCGN's Prototype 2 Review: Will it ‘consume’ you?


"Much like Hollywood and their current love affair with remakes, reboots and unnecessary sequels, we find ourselves in a similar situation with Radical Entertainment‘s Prototype 2 and question whether this franchise warranted a sequel or not.

Prototype 2 is set once again in the most over used city in gaming, New York, which has seen yet another outbreak of the Mercer Virus, setting up the premise for the rest of the game."

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Proeliator3660d ago

I thought the first was a bit mediocre... probably won't pick this one up.

gaminoz3660d ago

Sandbox games are fun but I still like the focus of a game to be story. It seems that the more you can do in the sandbox, the more the story suffers.

Exceptions are GTA and Red Dead Redemption, and AC 2.

IRetrouk3660d ago

People need to play this game, disregard the first, the game improves on it no end, even just getting around the city is fun, fast and fluid and only gets better the more you complete objectives and gain power ups, the missions are more varied with less difficulty spikes than the first game, the game is defiantly worth a shot

WeskerChildReborned3660d ago

Yea but the only flaw really is the story which isn't bad but is descent so don't expect a GOTY kinda storyline.

IRetrouk3660d ago

Yeah the story won't win any awards but it runs at an ok pace and keeps you just about interested

FCOLitsjustagame3660d ago

I really liked the first one. I liked this one too but not as much. Though I did like the protagonist more and I thought some of the powers were cooler. Perhaps I liked 1 more because it was "new" and it was funner than the games I was playing at the time.

Prototype 2 is definitely easier on the normal setting than 1 but I am not sure that is a good thing. It also ramps u quicker but the game area seems smaller. Also, I kind of liked the random nonsensical orbs as collectables in 1 better since there were more of them and made me jump to crazy places.

All in all it was decent game that I would recommend people get when it gets cheap.

Brownghost3660d ago

Tse second one was way
More amazing and the gameplay really has improved. I never really cared about the story and just had as much fun like the first one

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