Wii U Hit List: Mario Kart Double Dash 2

Check out what thinks should be in the next Mario Kart Game for Wii U!

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Neko_Mega3667d ago

Why DD? The first one suk, I like the other ones more.

Gamer19823667d ago

I loved DD bought 2 GC and 2 copys of the game and played 8 players. It was amazing. They have already made the sequel already its in arcades only.

koh3667d ago

Wouldn't say it sucks, but definitely my least favorite console version (I've never played any of the handhelds).

Instigator3667d ago

DD was pretty fun in multiplayer, but it's not as good as the rest. Wouldn't go so far as saying it sucks, though.

MrMister3667d ago

It wasn't the best, because the races were slower than other racing games. However, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the mechanics of having 2 players on 1 cart. Anyone who couldn't handle the strategy of being able to swap out 2 unique characters, is just not fit to be a hardcore gamer.

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Gr813667d ago

No. Leave that alone.

Baka-akaB3667d ago

Urg no , DD wasnt a good experience imo . Nor the Wii one for that matter .

Havent tried the 3ds version yet , but i still await something as magical as MK ds

ronin4life3667d ago

Mkds was my favorite too. And I never really loved mk before that one...(it was okay, just not my thing. Making a game portable is the best way to catch my interest^_^;)

Mk7 for the 3ds is a really fun game, but it lacks the bonus missions of mkds. And freeplay racing against bots(unless I'm missing something, single player racing is TT or GP only.) And while vs balloon battle is still a blast, the fact that there is no KO option is a downer.(matches are timed only in order to keep everyone playing, with the player/ team with the highest score wins. When you lose all balloons, you respawn an lose a few points.)

But unlike mkds, local single card play races can be played on any track. So that's a positive.

Samus HD3667d ago

Mario kart DS is so over rated. MK7 is way better

CaptainPunch3667d ago

I actually liked DD a lot more than the Wii version.

TheFirstClassic3667d ago

Wii version was the worst imo. Way to unpredictable. You could be in first 20 feet from the finish line, then finish last due to things you couldn't even avoid.

kesvalk3667d ago

if we're talking local multiplayer, there is a rules option in the VS that let you put in strategic mode that make the super powerful items way more rare (in 20 races i never saw one bullet bill, lightning, starman or blue shell) it's way more fun.

Theyellowflash303667d ago

Double Dash is really good. There are a lot of multiplayer elements in that game that are just awesome. Most people who say the game sucks didn't experience the 8 player co-op lan play. And if you read the article it clearly states that there needs to be multiple elements from a wide variety of Mario Kart games.

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