Risen 2 On-Disc DLC Blocked With New Patch

"Deep Silver has quickly taken notice of gamers accessing the "on-disc" DLC for Risen 2: Dark Waters. In response, the company has had Piranha Bytes to remove access to the disc-locked content with the latest patch released for the game."

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vortis3659d ago

So now they're blocking gamers from accessing stuff they added to the game, because they want people to pay for stuff already in their possession, after having already paid for the game.

This is fine for F2P games, you get what you don't pay for...but for retail games? Ugh.

Gotta love the direction the gaming industry is headed in.

MAJ0R3659d ago

Can't PS3/360 owners just not download the latest patch/delete contents for the game and still get access to the DLC?

Skate-AK3659d ago

The game isn't out for consoles yet. They blocked it cause people were getting into the DLC that's on disc without having to pay for it. I think the same thing happened with Deaf Space 2 except EA didn't block the DLC when they found out people were unlocking it for free.

christheredhead3659d ago

This whole "locked content" model is absolutely embarrassing to the industry. Any publisher or dev that follows this model should be ashamed of themselves.

Good job rewarding your fanbase Piranha Bytes/Deep Silver.

Dark_Overlord3659d ago

It won't matter, I guarantee another way of accessing it will be found within a day

kagon013659d ago

That's how developers protect their extortion, too bad it will be futile...

NYC_Gamer3659d ago

Its all about greed now days with many publishers/studios..

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