The other upcoming Xbox games... (Part 1)

Not excited enough about Xbox 360's future line-up? Try this little lot...

Kicking things off is Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, the MMORPG from Funcom which sees you looking for Conan, rather than playing as him. Forget THQ's recent super-bloody Conan game, this adaption of Robert E Howard's beefcake sword-'n'-sex epic is a slow-burning adventure along the lines of Elder Scrolls - except online.

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Genuine5438d ago

I've read probably 3 Conan novels and saw the movies years ago. I have yet to play an MMO, but I'm buying Age of Conan when it releases this year.

P4KY B5437d ago

The first one was great, only spoiled by a lack of MP mission editor.

If they get a few things sorted this could be my favorite game of 2008.

Meus Renaissance5437d ago

Yeah I really liked the Multiplayer in the first one. It's one of the few games which make you work in a team, and the feeling of success after a match is fantastic.

P4KY B5437d ago (Edited 5437d ago )

I agree.

That feeling when you fire you last torpedo at a carrier and sink it.
And the pace of the naval units allowed for some great tactical decisions.

In the sequel they need to give more of an incentive to land your planes rather than ditching them. And it would be nice to be able to rebuild shipyards and defences.

Meus Renaissance5437d ago

Lol ditching planes. I always did that.

titntin5437d ago

Great list - but so much of it is very speculative!
It would have been more useful if they could have kept it to confrimed releases even if they don't have a date yet..

Chronicles of Riddick 2, Darkness 2, Fable 2 are the ones that grab my attention, and I'll be picking them up whenever they turn up!

tony5437d ago

not many gamers are talking about this one, but is the one that i'm waiting for the most this year.

iNcRiMiNaTi5437d ago

but since this one is an even better version, its not too bad.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5437d ago

Stop it! your scaring my wallet to death.

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