Used Games are Damaging

In the first of a weekly opinion column Next-Gen.Biz editor-in-chief Colin Campbell takes a look at the trade that's costing this business over $1 billion a year.

Last week GameStop announced Holiday sales up 45%. Games retailers en masse are whoopin' it up, selling heaps of games. Which is wonderful for them, because, due to the lucrative used-games business they get to sell those little boxes of joy all over again.

The silent fury of publishers toward their retail "partners" is a palpable force in game industry politics. Retailers such as GameStop, with its powerful network of 5,000 frontline stores, are coining up to $1 billion a year in used game revenues in North America alone. Add Europe and you've got to think about almost doubling that number.

Publishers don't see a dime, nor even a eurocent of the money.

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InMyOpinion3928d ago

Because developers and publishers are so very very poor and need more money...

OMG 360 RUL3Z0RZ FTW3928d ago

It would be so lame if the gaming industry turned into a clone of the Music/Movie industry where these companies feel that the world owes them. You're right, this industry isn't hurting at all.

"Used games are costing us 1 billion dollars a year"

"People who don't play games are costing us 10 billion dollars a year, we should have their money too"

"We should tax the population because we deserve money, let's lobby Congress..."

InMyOpinion3928d ago

Love your nickname! lol! Fanboys ftw!

Genki3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

Tough sh*t. Wish my life was so hard where the biggest problem I had to deal with was who to cut to preserve profit margins.

Screw publishers and every money grubbing executive out there. You know what I say? The hundreds of millions that go into their pockets should be re-invested into the development process to provide better tools, education, and resources for their teams.

Who am I to feel sorry for? EA? Ubisoft? Activision Blizzard? LMAO, I think not. Damaging...yeah right.

bym051d3928d ago

1. New games are expensive. $59 is a lot of money.
2. Lots of games have very little replay value. Heavenly Sword was a great game, but at $59 and little replay value, it's a rent or a used buy.

If you make longer games with lots of replay value, people won't sell their games as much.

klashawnd3928d ago

Just part of the business, publishers need to get over it and stop crying. You don't see Toyota crying when someone trades in their Camry for a Benz and then the Benz dealership sells it back to someone else. If everyone wasn't so damn greedy this wouldn't even be an issue.

lawgone3928d ago

Excellent analogy. And maybe if they didn't charge $60.00 for a new game people wouldn't feel compelled to buy used ones.

lawgone3928d ago

Excellent analogy. And maybe if they didn't charge $60.00 for a new game people wouldn't feel compelled to buy used ones.

SilPho3928d ago

EA, Activision, Blizzard etc may not need the money from the used game trade, but new developers do. Smaller companies trying to make a start in this industry aren't going to afford the advertising costs that they might need to promote their games so full price sales aren't going to soar.

Imagine picking up a game you've never heard of from the used games section, find out that the game is absolutely brilliant, then wait eagerly to pay full price for a sequel or another game from that company, but because they didn't get your money, you won't get the sequel you want.

HowarthsNJ3928d ago

and we get no games as a result of it. I don't think many gamers get the connection.

Support your favorites or be prepared to lose them.

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