Dialog of The Walking Dead: Episode 1 | Tech-Gaming

Tech-Gaming's Robert Allen and Sean Kirkland offer a spoiler-free debate that examines The Walking Dead's: Episode 1's adaptation to an interactive medium. The duo discusses the game's input methods, aesthetics, and potential in upcoming episodes.

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RaptorMan3324d ago

Interesting review style.

madmad3324d ago

So let me get this straight- On PSN there's a subscription, but on 360 you can only buy episodes?

What happened here?

CharmingMan3324d ago

How long is the episode? Nice to see $5 games still. I might have to support on that notion alone.

mediastudies3324d ago

Ive heard about 2-3 hours.


about 2 hours but multiple choices that change little of some of the scenes a good 6 hours