Resident Evil: Degeneration-Damnation-Downfall 3D Spotted

There’s been no stopping Capcom recently with its incredible support for the 3DS thus far. Now we have the possible leak of Resident Evil: Degeneration-Damnation-Downfal l 3D for the handheld.

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ronin4life3063d ago

OoooooooOoOOooo...... <--------spooky noises. ^_^;

Abash3063d ago

I guess Capcom were inspired by Kingdom Heart 3D's "Dream Drop Distance" title

Admiralsombrero3063d ago

how can anyone disagree with spooky noises, or agree for that matter?

P.S. I accidentaly presed agree BTW.

gtxgamer23063d ago

We need a Resident Evil for Vita

Technical World3063d ago

That would be awesome but until it sells better in Japan it's not happening. Right now the Vita is really a system for the western market and 3DS for Japan.

ronin4life3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

I don't know. The 3ds is doing great in both sectors.
Furthermore, Nintendo has promised that we will see more efforts from western 3rd parties starting with e3. (I personally speculate a 3ds CoD with slide pad pro bundle to be a big e3 3ds western game announcement.)

yabhero3063d ago

Not at all, I love the Vita but it's really not doing well anywhere while 3DS is good everywhere...
3DS is about 2:1 versus vita everywhere...

Technical World3063d ago

Not in terms of success because the 3DS rules both markets while the Vita does not but what I mean is that each one seems to have games that cater to the specific markets.

Technical World3063d ago

Capcom make this happen. After Revelations I've been dying for more! PLUS two 3D movies included for the 3DS? YES PLEASE!

Technical World3063d ago

ANSD CLAIRE! what else could i ask for? oh yeah, re6 for Wii U and Revelations DLC

Titanz3063d ago

Something they've always wanted to do with the NDS, but the handheld wasn't as capable, so they placed those specific titles on the PSP.

Rampaged Death3062d ago

That model looks weird but damn Claire has got great legs ;)