Omega Five - Massive Destruction Gameplay

Gametrailers writes:

"Shoot at anything and everything in this multi-level montage showcasing the fast-paced action of this visually compelling title."

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Relcom3936d ago

Old school goodness. I miss games like this. Remember Gradius? that game rocked

solidt123935d ago

yep old school but in HD. Looks fun.

hotrider123935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

wish this was on ps3 or ps2 and it does remind me of gradius and r-type shooter
gradius 6 suppose to be coming out if konami get off their a$$ and finish making it. its in development now.

ddamaged13935d ago

i think i got a perverted mind this games one guy coming all over all the enemies LoL looks fun if you are a guy?....

FirstknighT3935d ago

They need to make more games like this.

Dark_Vendetta3935d ago

I bought it yesterday - awesome game!!