CGM Review: Dungeon Hunter: Alliance

It’s a twisty, looping path that Dungeon Hunter: Alliance has walked on its way to the Vita. What started out as a functional—if obvious—Diablo clone on the iPhone got a sequel on Playstation Network that has now been ported back to a mobile platform. Along the way it lost some Move functionality in exchange for a little touch-screen interactivity. Not that it makes much of a difference at this point.

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Amazon June Month-End Digital Sales On PS4/X1/PS3/PSV

Are you a gaming fanatic or a charismatic pro-gamer who is looking forward to upgrading his/her individual gaming collection? If yes, then you will be glad to know that Amazon.com is organizing a lucrative Digital Sale for PS4, PS3, PS Vita and Xbox One. So, if you own any one of the aforementioned home video game consoles, then you should now act wisely, opt for the amazing digital sale, avail steep discounts, and stimulate your gaming journey.

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Ubisoft PSP/PS Vita Sale on the US/CA PlayStation Store has Begun

In addition to the Back to 2013 sale and PS Vita 2nd Birthday sale (both of which are live), a Ubisoft sale on PSP and PlayStation Vita games has begun today as well.

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MultiConsoleGamer3793d ago

Great prices on those Vita games.

3-4-53792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Dungeon Hunter : Alliance & Raymond Origins for $7 each ?

These prices are actually awesome.

* Was thinking of getting a Vita soon, I might have to go get one tomorrow, as I was planning on picking up Dungeon hunter for sure.

How long does this sale last ?

barb_wire3793d ago

Is 'Dungeon Hunter: Alliance' any good?

'Rayman Origins' is tempting..

Yodagamer3793d ago

From what i've heard it's not bad but it's not great like a lot of gameloft games. There is a demo for it on the ps vita or ps3 if ya wanna try it on the big screen.

barb_wire3792d ago

There's a demo? Hmm, must've missed it on the store. Thanks for the heads up! I'll go download it and test it out.


Under-The-Radar: Dungeon Hunter Alliance Review | Wanderson75.net

W75's Blair Hicks finds a way to take the edge off of his Diablo III withdrawls while away from his computer.

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