Big discounts offered for several Playstation 3 HD trilogies

An online retailer is currently offering big discounts for Prince of Persia Trilogy HD, The Tomb Raider Trilogy and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy HD on the Playstation 3.

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Bathyj3418d ago

I just played Chaos Theory HD. It was a good buy for 9 bucks and is clearly the best game in the series. I really hope the new game gets back to its roots.

FarCryLover1823418d ago

Sadly, it will not. I wish it would be like PT or CT but it will be like ConViction. However, I think they will add a tiny bit more stealth, but if they leave Mark and execute, black and white, x ray goggles, no dragging and hiding bodies, then count me out!

Bathyj3418d ago

I could not believe you couldnt drag bodies. I mean, WTF? If you wanted to move them you had to take them hostage and then drag them away before killing them. Serious design flaw for a stealth game.

And who wants to spend 90% of a game in black and white? I nice dark moonlight blue would have been better, or better yet, just leave the light and sound meter from the previous games. They were a much better system.

FarCryLover1823418d ago

They said that the new Splinter Cell will "explore old themes of SC, yet still focus on action." My expectations are very low, but I hope that they wow me and make a game comparable to CT. It's funny, they made the game like that to appeal to a wider audience...and it failed to sell as much as SC 1 which sold several million and ConViction almost sold 2 million. It's funny because the old version of ConViction was scrapped and developing the game in a 5 year span must have been costly, especially getting rid of the first version of ConViction.
If they would have kept the game similar to the old ones, development costs would have been cheaper and it would have sold more.

TriangleOffense3418d ago

Im still waiting on ICO & SOTC to be $20. I have no interest in these 3

MrBeatdown3418d ago

Splinter Cell HD is actually cheaper at Newegg...

Only $15.99 and unlike Amazon, you get free shipping without having to spend over $25.

Wagz223418d ago

I was just going to add that, ordered it as soon as I got the email from newegg this morning. Awesome deal.

Skate-AK3418d ago

I was so pissed when I was only 40 cents short from getting it back when it was $20 on the PSN store if you had PS+

Dark_Overlord3417d ago

I would advise anyone against getting the Splinter Cell and Prince Of Persia Trilogys until UBI can be arsed to fix them (which seems extremely unlikely)