Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law reviewed by GameSpot

In Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law for the Wii, PlayStation2, and PSP, the developers at High Voltage Software didn't actually make a Harvey Birdman game; they made a Harvey Birdman DVD (and UMD) episode collection that you have to constantly click through to progress in each story. Sure, there are gameplay elements, but they're largely inconsequential, an itch in each of the game's five episodes that you periodically notice long enough to scratch, yet often forget is even there as you find yourself lulled into just clicking away to get to the next story bit. That might not sound like much of a ringing endorsement, but although the gameplay may be in absentia, the comedy is front and center. If you have any love of the Adult Swim cartoon on which the game is based, you'll find the five episodes packed into this game to be as hilarious and absurd as many of the recent episodes of the show.

The Good
* Great storylines that fit nicely into the show's style of humor
* Sharp graphics
* Nearly all of the show's voice cast is on hand.

The Bad
* Gameplay barely exists, and what's there is forgettable
* You can beat the whole thing in about four hours
* No Stephen Colbert, and the soundalike actor sucks.

Score: 6.5/10

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