Free Radical comments on Haze delay

Free Radical, developers of Haze, write on their blog:

Soooo, Haze is delayed. But you already know that, don't you. Well, the simple fact of the matter is, any delay on a game is a good thing - it's more time to optimize and polish and tweak and generally improve the whole damn thing to the Nth degree. Now, I know that some of you patient folks out there will be bitterly disappointed. Some of you may even want to come to my house and smash a colostomy bag over my head, and I think most people would understand that sentiment, but believe when I say that the delay is the best possible thing for the game. Hell, the reason why you guys are so pumped about it is because you have high expectations, and we need just a little more time to make sure that we meet them. So in conclusion, rest easy - we're still slugging away on this badboy.

In other news, this week has seen several drafts and redrafts of the TimeSplitters 4 story outline being pulled around to see what sticks. As of today we might - MIGHT - have settled on something. Time will tell.

For the record, this blog is dedicated to the guys on the forums that noticed that I hadn't written one for a while. I didn't think anyone was reading this little thing.

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HBK6193930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

Why not just delay it until 2020?

That will make the game awesome!!!

Fact of the matter is that they didn't like the reviews they were getting and are now working frantically to change the game as much as possible.

I played the game at Australia's EGames Expo and it was boring, sluggish and simple.

This game needs to improve alot in order to be good, I will still have a look at the online and co-op modes but it is looking quite dangerous.

shysun3930d ago

Who reviewed the game?

Kaneda3930d ago

This delay is just for marketing...They delayed it so you guys can talk about it and hype it up some more...

Hope this game is not like Kane and Lynch..

thedude176553930d ago

with the article, i don't care if a game is supposed to come out tomorrow, if there is still work to be done to make it better than i say take all the time needed to give me a great product instead of a flawed rushed game because people were too impatient to wait a couple of months to play a quality product.

snoopgg3930d ago

will wait unti its done, rent it and see if I like it. Your review sucked, it was simple, boring, sluggish and really irrelevent at this time, the final game isn't even out to play yet. I hate to rip at you, but what you played wasn't the final build.

HBK6193930d ago

What I played was the final build of the game.

It was to come out 1-2 weeks from when I played it, it was done and dusted, I played the final version, problem was nobody liked it as it was sluggish, boring, bland and way to simple.

To 1.1, there were several reviews coming out from others playing the game, I can't pinpoint where they were but they definitely had them.

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Skerj3930d ago

I hope they meet everyone's expectations in the gameplay aspect, the environments looked generic from what I've seen but they did have some pretty cool concepts behind it. It better not get delayed to the window of GTA4 or MGS4 because then it'll be lost in the madness.

Jinxstar3930d ago

True I also feel kinda bad. With the amount of good new IP's out there, Especially in the FPS genre, I believe its hard to make them totally original anymore. With Games like Bioshock, COD4 and UT3 out there, Just to name a few, I would not know what to do. As long as they make up for it with A. Length B. Controls and C. Gameplay I think environments can suffer a bit. I mean a vast Majority of games now are Sci Fi So breaking into a "Lets kill aliens' Genre is tough now. The fact that they are actually killing humans and going for something a little less "Out of this world" I appreciate. (Not a big Sci Fi fan) Seriously though I think it doesn't matter how good it is. it will be a hard sell cause its a new IP.

Honestly what i would do if I were a game designer these days is make a crappy mobile game and call it Haze then make the PS3 game and call it Haze 2. New IP's suffer a lot it seems. Especially on the PS3. Gears 2, Bioshock 2, Heavenly Sword2 and and Drakes Fortune 2 will all do vastly better then the original cause casual gamers see somehow its a proven franchise. So make a mobile game then release haze with a "2" after it and I think they would win ;-)

Anyway enough rant. Game on

Ri0tSquad3930d ago

To be honest I don't think they could do SO much more to the game but it did look kind of boring.

Jinxstar3930d ago

I agree I may be one of the few but I think delays are always good... As much as I wish I had GTA4 right now. It will make it that much more fun. I just hope games don't lose flavor with delays.

My only question is. The people that make these games are great gamers most likely. They all play games and enjoy them. Can't they tell when they are making something that doesn't stack up before reviews? I mean Kane and Lynch for example. Was it the Pub's preasuring them or was it the dev's being lazy? I dunno. If I was making something I would want to be proud of it you know? Oh well.

The more delayed Haze gets the more likely I am to buy it. :)

games4fun3930d ago

they are pretty much screwed if they release near killzone or resistance or mgs4 there is no way they will sell well
i was going to buy this game earlier when there wasn't too much fps but cmon they will really have to step it up to get anyone to buy this

Caliber3930d ago

yeah, it would have been very good for them if they'd managed to get it out in January, due to the lack of games. Maybe even February.

However, this game seems to have some pretty original gameplay mechanics, like the whole nectar thing, being able to play dead, punch someone in their face and steal their weapon and so on.. I'm not giving up on it quite yet =)

Ju3930d ago

I liked that jungle preview we have seen. They showed a pretty lush environment. If they can keep that up on a level like say Uncharted, I think it will have its place. It could fit besides the other three. KZ is dark, fictional, extra-terrestrian, MGS is a ultra realistic stealth shooter, Resistance is its own historical fictional play. But Haze fits in there with realistic lush worlds. But sure, the visuals have to match - I don't expect it to reach the level of the other three, though. Besides that, its an ordinary shooter, but so is UT3 - run and gun, but a still a lot of fun:)

games4fun3930d ago

is awesome because of the mods for that reason alone i bought if you have it download the action cam mod it is more fun than the fps view imo

niall773930d ago

I could care less about Haze when theres MGS4, GTA4 and resistance2 to be played

solidt123930d ago

Of course, but Resistance 2 comes out at the end of the year so I need something to play til then. I have been playing Unreal and COD4 so I am still good, but next month would be cool if HAZE could get out. i Guess Unreal and COD4 can hold me off and DMC4 will be a good break from multiplayer shooters.

Ju3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

R2 took the thunder out of everything, IMO. But, true. Its an end of 2008 game. The whole year is in front of us. I think it depends more, if KZ2 releases close to that date. But early March would still be OK, I guess. When's MGS4 due ? Second quarter, right? Haze->MGS4->KZ2->R2, in that order (time wise), a perfect year. (hey, that looks like a nice foreplay with a climax around Christmas 2008:)

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