Best (and Worst) Gaming Comebacks

Does everyone deserve a second chance? Find out which gaming comebacks worked out and which should have retired for good.

As Rambo prepares to return to the big screen after a twenty-year absence, looks back over video games series and companies that have tried to pull off similar comebacks. Which games vanished for years, only to return out of nowhere? Which companies tried to cash in on fondly remembered franchises and failed? And which much-loved character could be set for a ten-year-overdue comeback of his own?

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MK_Red3935d ago

I wouldn't put Duke Nukem Forever in comebacks list since the game isn't out yet till now if ever.
Personally, I consider Tomb Raider: Legend and Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance the best comebacks ever. The worst? Sonic the Hedgehog for PS3/360 and Soldier of Fortune Payback for all.

games4fun3935d ago

you brought up sonic which was actually pretty good on dreamcast all they had to do was get better acting in the cutscenes and make it not as cheesy. So what did the do? they made it ridiculously worse added complicated(usually unfun) extra moves and still kept the crappy scenes

Off topic Mk_Red did you have a dreamcast and if so have you played skies of arcadia i think it sucks that skies of arcadia 2 is coming out for the wii.

LJWooly3935d ago

Duke Nukem looks so crap. The model for Duke looked mega sh1te. I can't believe so many people are looking forward to that game, it's gonna suck. Hard.

SaiyanFury3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Metroid is the real series to suffer. I've never liked a Metroid game since Super Metroid on the Super NES. Big surprise: leave it to a western developer to ruin a great Japanese platform series by making it a bloody FPS. I tried Metroid Prime on the GameCube, and I never played it again.

Skizelli3935d ago

Any chance you chaps get to take a jab at America, eh? Pretty pathetic.

SaiyanFury3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

No I'm not taking a jab at America, I live here myself. Admittedly, I could have said that better. I should've said a western company as a great many western developers seem to have a love affair with FPS games. I simply don't like FPS games or how Metroid was converted from a classic platforming series to an FPS genre game.

Skizelli3935d ago

I appreciate the clarification. It just irks me when people take low blows at each other's countries when we're all gamers here. I do agree, however, that Western developers have a tendency of dropping the ball. As an American, I can say that I love the Japanese's style of horror over ours. Silent Hill 5 is currently being developed by a Western team which has me biting at the nails, as I'm a huge SH fan. The Collective's track record certainly isn't an impressive one.

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ElfShotTheFood3935d ago

Lots of people ragged Doom 3 but I really enjoyed it, flaws and all. No, it wasn't a "great" game in the classic sense, but it's one of those games you kept playing just to see the next new area and the next new monster.

It's still one of the most detailed action games around.

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