Competitive Analysis II: How Toshiba and HD-DVD Could Come Back

In the first part of this analysis ("How Lack of Competitive Analysis, Nintendo Caused Blu-Ray's Victory"), Rob Enderle of the Enderle Group lamented the lack of competitive analysis organizations in technology companies and suggested that, had Toshiba properly gamed out what Sony was likely to do and applied that to its execution strategy, it likely would be on the winning side rather than the losing side right now.

In the second part, Enderle examines Toshiba's remaining assets and liabilities, and he suggests five choices Toshiba could do next for HD DVD to survive or even make a comeback.

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EZCheez3931d ago

Riding on the backs of flying pigs.

TANOD3931d ago


Mikelarry3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

make a comeback and ive got a fleet of flying unicorns in my backyard ready stomp on blu ray campsite
ez ur killing me today. just read ur comment about the IPOT!!!

gamesR4fun3931d ago

sounds like a real company man
"Until the buyer actually buys products at a high rate, this market could yet change. My view is that it is still most likely to move to downloads next, probably connected to a cable or DSL offering, rather than a game system or standalone set-top box "

lol coulda been written by the head of M$ pr heck probably was lol
This guy is the lowest common denominator imo.

ITR3930d ago

HD DVD could come back easily.
Throw a Billion each at WB, Fox, and Disney and see what happens.
Throw another 500 million at Paramount and Uni to keep them preoccupied and then call it day.

Money always talks.
We know Toshiba and MS both have the money to do that.
Then set new prices for any new 1080p HD DVD player at $150 and also set all HD DVD prices at $19.99
That in it's self would shake things up because right now players cost a bundle and movies cost way too much BD and HD.

Too bad everyone couldn't go format neutral and just let the best player win.

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sheng long3931d ago

This is the same fool that bashed Blu-ray in his previous article. LOL @ anyone who takes this 80 year old fanboy seriously.

TANOD3931d ago

money talks

MS couldnt find any YOUNG PERSON to talk about HD DVD **** so they had to hire a BACKDATED and TARDY OLDY to do the speaking

rbanke3931d ago

They could invent a time machine, go back and fix the deal they had with the blu-ray folks for a unified hd media.

beaner714813931d ago

"In the second part, Enderle examines Toshiba’s remaining assets and liabilities, and he suggests five choices Toshiba could do next for HD DVD to survive or even make a comeback."

im sure toshiba's demographics and research and development teams have been waiting for this information so they could make a speech at CES.

what a self important insignificant douche.

beoulve3931d ago

I read his article, all of them are valid points but he missed out a major flaws. Do you actually think Sony going to sit there and letting Toshiba pulled all the stunts? Sure it's easy to say to go after this and that, but your major competitor is not taking a nap either.

This is like planning a attack regardless of what your enemy move is.

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The story is too old to be commented.