Thatgamecompany set to debut new game this year

VG247: The first game from thatgamecompany since the end of its three game deal with Sony is aiming for a reveal sometime this year, co-founder Jenova Chen has told VG247, with the studio set to make a decision on a publisher “within the next month”.

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Y_51502360d ago

I like the sound of that!

guitarded772360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

It's kinda bitter sweet. Yea they'll announce their next game!!! Will it be multi-platform? Sounds like it. Will they get the same support throughout the development process? Who knows. TGC is the best developer of downloadable titles, so I can't wait to see what's next. I just hope they keep with pushing the envelope of what a game can be. I'd like to see what kind of innovation they could do on the Wii U.

M1chl2360d ago

So its gonna be for Sony systems or multi-platform? I actually have to borrow my PS3 to my friend, because he wanted to play Journey so bad : D

juaburg2360d ago

Nintendo should buy em or Sony.

AusRogo2360d ago

By god I hope Sony does! Man I loved Journey!

HBK6192360d ago

Jenova Chen has stated that he wants to stay independent.

Sony put in an offer to buy them, but they rejected.

Disappointing tbh, as I think they can do far more working with Sony (and Santa Monica) than they'll be able to on their own.

Won't stop me buying their games though.

Redempteur2360d ago

As long as they stay "small" and they can make the projects they wants i don't care ..

TheModernKamikaze2360d ago

Unfinished Swan? Just kidding but I love that game.

Acquiescence2360d ago

It's a match made in heaven.

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