Is Microsoft Already Manufacturing the Next Xbox?

The next Xbox console is apparently in the manufacturing stages. According to an IGN source, assembly of the next-generation Xbox hardware started recently at the Austin, Texas branch of Flextronics. This is the same electronics company currently assembling Xbox 360 hardware, and is the manufacturer of the original Xbox.

Prior to reaching the manufacturing stage, Flextronics created a new testing group separate from the rest of the company. This team was solely dedicated to comprehensive marketing, software, and hardware tests of the next Xbox. With that activity concluded, Flextronics started building the hardware -- but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see the Durango soon.

Dante1124404d ago (Edited 4404d ago )

Hope Flextronic's team are testing for stability and malfunctions as well. The launch 360 had alot of problems/issues as far as hardware goes. Really hope the next gen consoles are durable.

Dread4404d ago

You are right,

but to be fair, although late, MS fixed the RRD issue.

The RRD issues cost MS billions. So, I am sure that it wont happen again.

Kinger89384404d ago

hope not, was a joke that it went on so long

ATi_Elite4404d ago

MS has been making it and are reading full manufacturing as we speak.

Many Devs were given Spec boxes to start Game Development back in 2011

sriki0074404d ago

Whenever I think about new
consoles I get excited,
Wonder what microsoft and sony are coming up with :)

Kinger89384404d ago

halo 4 is coming to 360 at the end of the year, surely they wont release a new console around that time? i still think next year for next gen

vega2754404d ago (Edited 4404d ago )

Just bring it MS. I already plan on getting the wiiu and the next Xbox. Just announce it already goosh

@below: MS has plenty of exclusive coming out this year. just people want to pick and choose what they want to consider a exclusive. just because you don't like a game or don't find interest in it doesn't mean it stop being a exclusive. so yes they do have exclusive

Kinger89384404d ago

maybe saving it for e3 as they haven't got many exclusives on the horizon but i thought they said no console was being announced there this year

DigitalRaptor4403d ago

Name them and I'll believe you.

vega2754403d ago

So Alan wake AD, trails evo, fez, star wars, crimson dragon, halo 4, forza horizon, Ect. All those most not be exclusives then right. Oh yeah I forgot to factor in your fanboy thinking. " bu bu bu kinect games and xbl games don't count" or " bu bu bu they're not NEW ip's so they don't count either"

There are more games coming also. But it wouldnt matter to you and the rest of the sonyfanboys here. Because anything MS announce the first thing ottered from you comment is "360 no games" instead you should be saying. " I don't care what they announce cause Im just going to blindly hate it with out playing it cause that's the fanboy I am. All hell the mighty ps3 and Sony, die Nintendo and MS" sounds about right.

DigitalRaptor4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

I think it's quite sad that you still have this much hate and vicious animosity towards Sony fans when all they're doing is returning the EXACT same attitude people like you were doing a few years ago. Talk about being a hypocrite.

In response to your reply about the exclusives: Cool. They're exclusives, I'll give you that (like I said). All i wanted was for you to name them so people could see that. But based on everything you have stood for in the past, you are perhaps the biggest hypocrite I have ever seen here on N4G. Blindly hating on Sony and their games is something I have seen from you here, and with your old account(s).

I guess it wouldn't matter to you though would it since your a fanboy through and through, whilst you pretend not to be.

I love Nintendo and I love Sony. I love Sega and the amazing heritage they have from before they dropped hardware. I love games that I play on PC/Steam. I'd love Microsoft if it weren't for the things they do that I've expressed my dislike for in this industry a hundred times over. I know many people who feel the same way on here and they are justified in their opinions if anything..... but to you we're just all a bunch of filthy fanboys who hate Nintendo and Microsoft and ALL OF US worship Sony like a deity, right? It's that simple to you...

sandman2244404d ago

I'm sure Microsoft won't have any technical errors on there console. We all know we learn from our past. I'm sure they did as well. I hope this next console is a power house. Even if it's going to cost more than 500 bucks. I'm sure they'll have a special financing plan just like the 99 dollar 360 they are going to release to help the unfortunate ones.

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piroh1d 2h ago (Edited 1d 2h ago )

Ironically number 9 can save them at this point (releasing games on multiple platforms)

OtterX8h ago

You could add the naming scheme for the consoles, it just confuses customers. I know they wanted to avoid traditional numbering bc it would always be lower than their competitor, but this whole 360 then One then Series thing is confusing af. Imagine a Soccer Mom trying to figure this stuff out. I still mistakenly call the Series X the One from time to time on accident.

RNTody8h ago

Don't forget about the Xbox One, Xbox One X and Xbox Series X! Good luck to Soccer moms around the world.

Cacabunga8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

Phil Spencer is the worst that has happened to Xbox.
They built a respectable brand up to Xbox one. Then this guy took over and things became a joke

Reaper22_3h ago

He still has his job. Something you can't say about Jim Ryan.

Cacabunga2h ago

Both bad execs. One is on job and one thankfully retired.

MaximusPrime_5h ago

Really good video.

I remember the days with RRoD was big news on here, N4G.

Microsoft had it turbulence number of years.

Looking at the success of Sea of Thieves despite being 6 years old, time to release Halo, Forza horizon 4 & 5 on PS5. It'll help their revenue

shinoff21832h ago(Edited 2h ago)

2 of the 4 games they did already sold really well. So it's definitely going down. Idk about halo or forza but I feel those studios they've bought in the last 5 years, their coming