Why the hell did you license that?

Games based on licensed IPs are the unpleasant body odour of gaming. No-one really likes them, but they're inexorably tied to the medium and just keep coming back no matter what we do to get rid of them. As crap as most of these games are though, the licenses they're based on usually make sense. Big movies, popular, action-packed TV shows and successful sports stars are all perfect subjects to stick on a box in order to persuade the unsuspecting buyer to pick it up. It's a system that works, and many a piece of digital yak poop has topped the charts as a result.

Every so often though, the licensing guys just seem to lose the plot. In amongst the sensible tie-ins, Games Radar have seen more than a few that have loudly set off their WTF alarm over the years. Some are based on unpopular or out of date IPs, some are obscure to the point of the surreal, and others are classic cases of a publisher buying the license to a big name property without ever giving a second's thought to whether the material would translate to videogame in any sane or logical way. Over at Games Radar you'll find some of their favourite examples from the land of the unmarketable, so click on and prepare to raise those eyebrows.

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ReBurn3985d ago

The way I see it it's really simple. If you don't like these games then quit buying them. I know I don't.

ry-guy3985d ago

Why isn't the Burger King games on this list? Geez.

v1c1ous3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

edit: NM

Charlie26883985d ago

Were is Friday the 13th? I mean come one you CANT exclude a game were left is right and right is left (try navigating the map like that!) and were a squared room has like 6-7 different sides for some reason...did I mention the eternal frustration?

sovietsoldier3985d ago

oh yes!, light the cabin's fire place to keep away the bad guy....yeah right! there are so many bad games that they cant even start a real list.

Covenant3985d ago

Pretty bad stuff there, but they didn't even mention some of the more egregious examples of licensed shovelware, like Beowulf, M&M Racing, Deal Or No Deal, or the Aqua Teen game.

ReBurn3985d ago

I got a Deal or No Deal DVD game for Christmas and it's actually pretty good. I don't know about any other version.

Covenant3985d ago

Sorry, should have specified. The DVD version is OK. I've played it with a couple of friends, and it's pretty solid.

The DS version, however...

To give one example.

ReBurn3985d ago

Yeah, the DS version is bad with the glitch where the cases always have the same values in them from the time you start it up. Seems like that should have been a glaring error that QA testing should have found.

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