LAG: In Which I Compare Braid To Watchmen

LAG says -- Alan Moore's seminal work, Watchmen, redefined the infantilized comic book medium. It criticized the medium's focus on the superhero, offering its own honest twist on the hackneyed concept. Watchmen broke boundaries, damaged foundations, and tried to say something meaningful. It succeeded.

The videogame industry has been looking for their Citizen Kane -- their magnum opus -- tossing the label haphazardly at Bioshock or Mass Effect. But we do not have our Citizen Kane. We have our Watchmen. We have Jonathan Blow's Braid.

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dennyrutledge2514d ago

Wow, This is an amazing read! Very good comparison. And I agree you have to play Braid to even understand the comparison.

dennyrutledge2514d ago

This story should really have more Approves. Very good article