Games Best Played Drunk

We all do it – well those of us of legal drinking age; invite some friends around, have a few drinks and then break out the console to get our video game on. According to Craig Bryan; here is a list of the perfect alcoholic accompaniments for a night of fun and frolics.

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NYC_Gamer2602d ago

I just love to play games drunk on the weekends

AmayaAi2602d ago

Rest assure there are more like us fitting into that category ;)

NastyLeftHook02602d ago

i know smokin a little something here an there goes good with journey.

Hicken2602d ago

Journey kinda makes you wanna smoke, methinks. Well, for those open-minded individuals who don't just condemn the act, like myself, I can see Journey turning a person's view introspective, and a certain drug allowing for some rather insightful revelations.

(For the record, I've smoked three cigarettes- I was drunk- and one cigar in all my life.)

NastyLeftHook02602d ago

cool, journey is a great game for that, and mary jane lobes it too.

bubwright2602d ago

playing games drunk is the worst thing ever, reactions are to slow and falling asleep and leaving your console on all night! wake up with 5000 messages, take away food all around you and feeling like poop looking at your online stats wondering how bad you played :( bad times

Baka-akaB2602d ago

I'd mostly only bother with music and sports games , the rest not at all , besides indeed buzz

bacrec12602d ago

Well I agree with this list. Add bomberman to it though.

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The story is too old to be commented.