Kickstarter's Worst Fully Funded Games

The fund-generating (organized begging) site, Kickstarter, has done a buttload for video games. Games, have arguably saved the site from potential financial bankruptcy. A poster child is obviously Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Adventure that nearly broke all functionality on the site.

Just as there are great success stories of awesome games being crowd funded, there are also some really dumb games getting the green light. Here are a few of the crazies...

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schmoe2751d ago

"Organised Begging" - LOVE it! :-)

brish2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

For a game to be made in the "normal" way a company is formed and the company looks for investors to support the costs of game development. If they can find investors the game gets made. If they can't the company folds.

The only real difference I see from kickstarter from how games are typically made is kickstarter asks gamers to support the development costs and gives them the game while the traditional method involves asking publishers for money to develop the game.

In either case "organized begging" happens.

DesVader2751d ago

Unemployment quest. Really? Whatever next. I love Kickstarter, especially when they get games like Shadowrun off the ground, but clearly the "fad" part of funding games is really get some crap funded. Nice article, had a good laugh!

Choc_Salties2751d ago

Ich habe Eier. But really thats not relevant when playing a frogger clons, FFS!