Analysis: Has Black Ops 2 Addressed the Complaints? examines the most common complaints about the Call of Duty series to see if Black Ops 2 has got what it takes to make things right.

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Valenka2954d ago

Number one complaint: stop recycling the same old tired crap. Obviously, BO2 does not address the complaints.

JonahNL2954d ago

"Obviously, BO2 does not address the complaints."

Really now? You were able to make that statement based on the MASSIVE amount of footage we've seen so far?

I'd like to have that talent as well.

Valenka2954d ago

If the number one complaint is to stop recycling the same crap and we've already learned about multiplayer and the miscellaneous details we've received, and nothing has been changed, then yes, I can say that, regardless of what footage we've received. I don't care about the footage, nor was I referencing it, but the details we've received instead. That's what I was basing my opinion on.

JonahNL2954d ago

Look, what I'm trying to say here is that it's way too early to say that we're getting "the same ol' shit" all over again.

I can understand why you're skeptical, so am I, but could we please hold off on the "OMGCALLOFDUTYAGAINWTFBBQ " until we've seen more about the game?

Treyarch is making the singleplayer more dynamic, the setting is completely new and the multiplayer could be revamped properly. We'll just have to wait and see.

Prince_Dim-Lu2954d ago

Out of curiosity.... how much different do you think BF4 will be from BF3 on the 360 and PS3? do you think if Frostbite engine came out earlier on in the 360 and PS3's lifecycle, do you think each BF would be different than the last, or would they stay with what's working with them?

I'd imagine they'd stay with what the people like. I hope EA/DICE completely change the frostbite engine, and mess up BF4, and change it.. so people can live a new SOCOM affect. And see what happens when a great game changes too much, and turns to suck.

JonahNL2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

I'm actually looking forward to Black Ops 2. Yeah, shoot me.

Reborn2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Doubt anyone will shoot you for it.

It's just whenever someone comments on a COD article, with a constructive point to why they dislike it now. They're labelled a 'hater'.

I'm currently not interested in it, maybe I will be later, who knows?

Ashunderfire862954d ago

# ZidaneNL

"Treyarch is making the singleplayer more dynamic, the setting is completely new and the multiplayer could be revamped properly. We'll just have to wait and see."

Uhhh ZidaneNL, There is a game called Ghost Recon Future Soldier, that has the same exact setting. No new setting, just a game trying to compete with Ghost Recon Future Soldier, and Halo 4. Yeah Black Ops 2 skip Medal of Honor 2 LOL!!! Cause you know Medal of Honor 2 has already won.

DJLB21152954d ago

Man WTF no wonder society puts a stigma on gamers lol do u guy read WTF u post sometimes? Duty dont have to copy nobody because everyone is trying to copy them to take them out the top spot. If u deny it u are lying to yourself. RNS