Max Payne 3 Fan Video

RockstarTurk: Rockstar Games fans now knows no bounds. Rockstar Games' videos released so far in front of assembling offering gamers a great job of Rockstar Games fan JVLfilms name taken off of YouTube users. Health infrastructure, music, and voice of the legendary singer Johnny Cash, James McCaffrey voiced by admire "God's Gonna Cut You Down" song with the have a great video. Take a look at the video below if you wish without further ado. Enjoy ...

Visually highlighted deviantART user "nerdybirdx" made ​​by.

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clarkjudo2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

This song was used for a trailer that was advertizing the Splinter Cell: Conviction game. This song went well with describing Same Fisher in Splinter Cell: Conviction and fits perfectly with Max Payne as well. Funny, I have been playing Splinter Cell: Conviction to relate Sam Fisher's mental state with Max Payne's mental state for being somewhat the same. And along with similar personal and professional struggles and the type of response they both seem to share.

D4rkShaDoWz2359d ago

This is my video... can't believe I'm seeing in on N4G.. this is truly an honor! Thanks for posting :)