Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Opening Cinematic

It might just be the coolest intro CGI you've ever seen in the entire history of gaming. From wushu like grouped martial arts to signature MK bloodfests and the graceful fight sequence of one of the most memorable undead heroes of the MK Saga.

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Ravenator5295847d ago

CGI is great but I want gameplay!

Bhai5847d ago

Check out the page would you ! have you even clicked on the link, man the entire gameplay videos are there on the page and on the pages numbered below, from arcade to konquest mode to 'motor kombat'...everything is there. Only the first video on page 1 is CGI intro movie, and that's just the most awesome opening cinematic ever !!!

Ravenator5295847d ago

Youre right! I didn't see it before. Looks like fun.