10 things learned from Call of Duty Black Ops 2 trailer

It was no shocker that the announcement was a new black ops 2 video game but the shocker comes with the details of the game it self. One big surprise is the time zone in which this war will take place.

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Nitrowolf22757d ago

I'm a little excited for this game. Though the engine and graphics are all the same, I think the overall thing of a new setting kind of excites me. haven't bought a cod game for a while so this migth be worth checking out.

TheLyonKing2756d ago

Everyone seems to be hating a bit on future warfare but tbh if they kept it the same there would be hate.

Activision can't win and the sales for this won't be near what they had for the last black ops i think.

blinkingfast2756d ago

you are right sales will not be like they had for last black ops.. they will be WAY BETTER! 300% better right now alone.

most gamers like the idea of a change and the new stuff. i personally wish they had 3 cod games and one was a REAL cold war type.

humbleopinion2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

So far I learned that while IW COD releases are getting weaker since the first MW, Treyarch are actually gradually improving ever since COD3. They're still not at the IW level of quality (or at least where it used to be), but the new semi-futuristic settings will hopefully do good for them.

blinkingfast2756d ago

IW created call of duty and they where bought out by them.. they knew what they could do now and what they want to do in the future better then anyone as they created it. the team has changed a lot.