Activision Might Have Unexpectedly Fixed Some Old Call of Duty Games’ Matchmaking

Many players on social media are now reporting unannounced matchmaking fixes have been put in place by Activision ranging from Call of Duty 3 to Modern Warfare 2 to Black Ops 2, on Xbox 360. Players are reporting that player counts are updating, lobbies forming, and matchmaking times have been reduced. Neither Activision nor Microsoft have commented on the matter when reached out to at this time. This is currently impacting both 360 and BC versions of the games. PS3 is not affected at this time.

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Blashted366d ago








Multiple users coming forward saying the games are finally working again after years of server issues. Note that not all issues such as player counts are totally fixed at this time however matchmaking is fully working again. With legacy Call of Duty games releasing on Game Pass within the next 2 years, it does make sense for these servers to eventually be corrected. Good to see the preservation of these legendary games. Hopefully PS3 receives the same treatment for these legacy titles!

Blashted364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

I can confirm the Call of Duty 2 through Black Ops 2 are fully working now and matchmaking is very fast. Player counts are still messed up on MW2 but all other games work perfectly fine. BO1/2 community theater has been disabled so hackers are pretty rare now as infections cannot be distributed. I have not run into any modders on MW2 or BO1 yet. Good bit of people on WaW and MW3 as well. Call of Duty 3 is also back up and running after some years. The games are also currently on sale for around $10 a piece on the Xbox Store! Cheers and Happy Friday!


wiz7191364d ago

@Blash I took advantage of that deal and bought MW 2 , matchmaking is quick and it feels like 2009 all over again I’m having a blast !

Abear21364d ago

Next COD to integrate seamlessly with MW2, wonder if there’s a correlation?

Jin_Sakai366d ago

“Activision Unexpectedly Fixes Old Call of Duty Servers, Just One Day After FTC Verdict”

Imagine that.

wiz7191364d ago

I think maybe MS had something to do with that , the servers getting fixed then all of the older CODs are on sale on the Xbox store ..

ritchi45366d ago

Conspiracy theory: MS have been planning on purchasing ABK for a long time. They let Sony outbid them for having console-exclusive CoD stuff/being first for certain dlc so the PlayStation player base would increase.
Years later, MS buy ABK, with plans to make CoD either exclusive/platform exclusive features etc with the release of a new console (Xbox Series X2?) So the established CoD player base migrates over to their platform, taking a huge percentage off Sony?

Wild theory

purple101366d ago

Yeh your in to something. See the bigger picture.

I also think to addd: Sony in a loose loose situation with the 10 year thing. I thought that from the start. Reason being they would technically be doing free marketing for COD. Any expose is good exposure and furthering the 'brand name'. So although sony would get profit for a while in the big picture they would be doing the dirty on themselves.

The Japanese execs obviously are not dumb and realise this too and that's why they fought so hard.

In general though this whole thing leaves a bad taste in the mouth with everyone's lies being out in the open and I think a lot will call it a day with cod. I know I've brought my last one.

slate91366d ago

Aint nobody leavin CoD bc of this merger or lawsuit brother 😂. Gotta get off twitter.

Blashted364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Would not be surprised if MS fully restores old CoD on Xbox including patching mods and fixing player counts and lets PS3 versions rot away, nostalgia is a drug and Game Pass release of the old games pushes them to fix it as they would be the only Game Pass titles that are hacked/modded.

shinoff2183364d ago

I just can't fathom someone having nostalgia for cod. Blows my mind. So many better games out there

sertz364d ago

Nostalgia for COD is definitely a big thing. I have many a time found myself reminiscing about an older COD title that became a hacked mess. Primarily Black Ops 1 and 2. Also Modern Warfare 2. There was a certain "je ne sais quoi" about the original games that no remaster can touch. I'm so stoked the older titles have their servers fixed... I will definitely be re-living some memories from years ago that I never thought I would have again. And some new frustrations no doubt... But hey. One thing at a time.

shinoff2183364d ago

I don't think as many are gonna migrate as ms would like.

ActualWhiteMan364d ago

If this is true, I’m buying an Xbox rn.

wiz7191363d ago

Lol I see two ppl are upset , I got MW 2 for $10 and jump right into games immediately

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