Cheech And Chong Are Coming To Call Of Duty Because Everything Must Be Consumed

The famous comedy duo is the latest example of pop culture becoming one big grey blob

Christopher52d ago

Certain to have some sort of reference to their online store for CBD/THC chews, which is advertising heavily online the last month or two.

Sciurus_vulgaris52d ago

The randomness of the multiplayer characters is one of reason I quit playing COD after briefly returning in 2022. We got Space Marines, rappers, tree monsters etc. all in a series called “ Modern Warfare”.

OtterX52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

I think if there was ever a time for a competitor to rise up and take away some of Call of Duty's thunder, the time would be now. A military shooter that takes itself seriously, not sold out to Fortnitism. Easier said than done, I know... but the time is ripe.

I can't stand this stuff either.

Palitera52d ago

There are tons of MP shooters that make no profit, if you're looking for one of those

fsfsxii52d ago

You guys have been saying this shit since 2009. Fortunately, nobody’s bringing down cod anytime soon, if ever.

crazyCoconuts52d ago

I agree. I really didn't like how the silliness takes away the gritty origins. That and all the crazy effects... dunno. I'm still playing it but I'd love for someone to steal their cheese and cater to grittier players

OtterX52d ago

@fsfsxii It's not so much wanting COD itself to die as it is wanting this silliness to die. Like CrazyCoconuts said, it takes from the grittiness. Many OG COD players want a straightup Military shooter experience, not silly costume time at Carnival.

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Profchaos52d ago

is this what the kids want these days a pair of iconic stoners who were big in the 70s and have kind of held on I enjoyed their movies decades ago but I never recall the movie where cheech infiltrates a enemy base while chong snipes for support guess I must of missed that one

Man I'm getting to old for this

Knightofelemia52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Cheech just looks so wrong in the picture.

Profchaos52d ago

Why just why. cod up in smoke

anast52d ago

They charge too much for a game that is kitsch.

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victorMaje36d ago

You need a cure. Here it is:

1. Don’t buy the game.
2. Don’t just not buy the game, announce it!

Announce on every social media/chat/discourse/streaming … platform available & imaginable that you will not buy the game that is coming out & state the reason that we all know. Then advise others to do the same.

Once you’ve announced it, announce it again for the next game by the same dev that you will not buy their future product either, because of their past dealings with consumers.

3. See 1.


I don't sub to anything digital, games, movies, TV shows, etc. I just take what I want for PC for the unbeatable price of $0.00 🤣 But I sometimes buy the occasional game, but as for the others I mentioned yeah ok, haha paying for a streaming service to watch shows, movies, etc man GTFO lol

jznrpg35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I know many people who don’t buy MTs or support gaas. But unfortunately there are just as many people that I know who do and they don’t care about it. Companies won’t stop doing it until the vast majority don’t buy anything. Some GaaS do it better than others but most are looking to make as much MT money as they can get away with and there’s too many who don’t mind it at all

anast35d ago

Reviewers can prioritize monetization schemes in their reviews and give companies low scores based on severity.

Chocoburger35d ago

This is one of the reasons why I've been focusing more on older games from PS3 & X360 all the way back to the NES.
Rarely can a modern big budget game garner my attention, because its just the same stale concept over and over again. Open world, busy work, grinding, where your job is literally to be a trash collector (constantly picking up endless resources off the ground), the entire industry has been copying Ubi-junk, and I'm just not interested.

Add in the fact that games are clearly releasing in beta form (sometimes very early beta form!), then there's randomized gear you have to pick up and upgrade, then all those boring skill trees to fill in, which is the laziest form of fake game progression imaginable.

Then there's the nasty business model of paying an extra $20 just to play an unfinished game 3 days early. Disgusting behavior, and anyone who supports those companies are actively making our industry worse.

The game industry has never been perfect, but its also never been this bad either.


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