What If?: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

"As a huge fan of the Star Wars universe, it was only logical for him to pick Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, his first game to inspect and give his opinion on. Putting most of his fandom aside, he decided to take a good look at the game and give hid honest judgment of what is good, what can be improved, and what is lackluster."

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MiamiACR212751d ago

The only thing that would make this article more interesting, is if it didn't exist.

Perjoss2751d ago

I don't understand why you would write that, did the person who wrote it or the person who submitted it piss you off in some way?

MiamiACR212751d ago

It was terribly written, ran around a few simple questions without answering them but still being sure to make paragraphs out of them, and was generally unfocused to the point of the reader getting bored. Unfortunately, that reader was me, and anyone else who attempts to read that mess of an article.

To Answer your question Perjoss, I'm not pissed or anything, I just feel sad when I see words go to waste just because the writer is too scatterbrained to ever get to a point, or answer any questions.

Skate-AK2751d ago

I thought the 2nd one played way better than the first but it was a lot shorter. I ended up getting the platinum on both of them.