Max Payne 3 Hands-On Preview [Rockstar Network] was invited to NYC by Rockstar Games to preview their next game, Max Payne 3. They've written about their experiences with Rockstar and Max Payne 3.

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stylez842755d ago

That was an awesome event!

IllusionRSN2755d ago

haha ya, now we wait for GTAV hah

Speed-Racer2755d ago

A solid read. The game is looking good and looks like R* treated you guys well.

IllusionRSN2755d ago

Ya it's always a great time spending the weekend with Rockstar Games!!

stylez842755d ago

Yeah they went above and beyond the call of duty. Especially when I got stranded trying to get home!

Rampaged Death2755d ago

I'm too excited for this. Even the multiplayer sounds top notch !

IllusionRSN2755d ago

Ya the multiplayer is INSANE! So many options and things to get... People will be blown away!

Tonester9252755d ago

AHH I have no money! I knew i should've saved it for this reason.

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