Exclusive: $99 Xbox 360 + Kinect bundle launching next week with two-year subscription

Microsoft is planning to launch a $99 Xbox console package with a monthly subscription as early as next week, according to our sources. The software giant will offer the 4GB console with a Kinect sensor at its range of Microsoft Stores in the US, subsidized with a monthly cost of $15. We're told that the two-year subscription will provide access to the Xbox Live Gold service and possibly some additional streaming content from cable providers or sports package providers. Customers who sign-up for the deal will also be covered under a two-year warranty.

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Emilio_Estevez2757d ago

Adding contracts to the mix seems bad, not sure why anyone would want that. Unless they were planning on signing on for 2 yrs anyway, that would make sense.

LOGICWINS2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Another logical prediction comes true :)

gaffyh2757d ago

Except it's not free, so your prediction was completely inaccurate.

LOGICWINS2757d ago

I never said anything about free. Re-read my comment.

"MS KEEPS getting their XBL revenue from existing XBL members and newcomers have a great incentive to buy a 360."

gaffyh2757d ago

But you said that they would bundle 1 years worth of gold into the cost of the new 360, meaning it would be free for those people for a year. That's not the case, you'll still be paying $15 a month for 24 months, which includes the cost of XBL. So it's not bundled for free any amount of time, which is what that comment suggested.

mushroomwig2757d ago

There was nothing logical or predictive about that comment, the phrase 'bundling' implies at no extra charge, you were obviously trying to suggest that MS should "bundle" in a year for free.

LOGICWINS2757d ago

"But you said that they would bundle 1 years worth of gold into the cost of the new 360, meaning it would be free for those people for a year."


How is it free? Your PAYING for the 360.

gtxgamer22757d ago

I have to laugh at your name because the "logic" you think is winning really is losing and everyone disagrees with every comment you post.

NiKK_4192757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Your comment sounds NOTHING like what they are actually doing and was not logical in any way other than the name.

OT: Even though it is more expensive to do it this way, you're stretching it out over a long period of time, which, to some, actually makes it cheaper for them.

solidjun52757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

"I never said anything about free. Re-read my comment. "

okay let's see. "I think bundling a one year XBL Gold subscription in every new 360 would make more sense." you selectively disregarded that portion of your comment from 12 days ago. you did say it's it's free. I suggest you read your comments again Nostradamus.

solidjun52757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

how did you get 2 more bubbles?!?!!
mods been helping you, i see.

IRetrouk2757d ago

I have just noticed that myself, when I was asking him a question about 11 hours ago in another topic he had 3, now 5, how? Iv been stuck on two for like a year now but he can get two in half a day, disgusting

solidjun52757d ago

look at his comment that says "Well Said." It was marked for trolling and then changed to "Well Said." Clearly a mod thought otherwise and gave him 2 bubbles. I've never seen something like this. from 3 to 5. He had 4 prior to this morning and clearly trolled and yet he gets rewarded. pretty funny.

trenso12757d ago

@logic how is this a great incentive? In the 2 year at $15 you would be paying $360 that 6 years of regular xbl. How can anyone justify paying for that. But I can't tell people how to spend their money.

IRetrouk2757d ago

That's crazy, his first comment, the one I replyed to, was marked for trolling and then changed too, quess he has some friends, either that or he's a mod

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brish2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

xbox: $99 for xbox 4 gig version (- $100)
subscription: 12 months * $15 = $180
Kinect: included

For one year (not on option): $99 + $180 = $279
For two years: $99 + $180 + $180 = $459


xbox: $199 for xbox 4 gig
subscription: $60 per year for gold subscription
Kinect: $150

For one year: $199 + $60 + $150 = $409
For two years: $199 + $60 + $60 + $150 = $469

You save $10. If you buy kinect separately you can usually get it for more than $10 off the $150 suggested price now.

However, if you don't want kinect that it costs you an additional $140.

* edited to include kinect price *


ps3: $250
yearly subscription fee: $0

One year price: $250 + $0 = $250
Two year price: $250 + $0 + $0 = $250

Emilio_Estevez2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

That's how they get ya, making you think it's a good deal, but in reality it's just spreading the price out over a longer period.

And your prediction was completely wrong logic, you said free live as part of the price, that's not what they are saying here.

Godchild10202757d ago

Why buy the kinect by itself. Its 50 dollars less to buy it in a bundle. 4GB 360 w/ Kinect for 299 + 2 years of live for 120 equals = 429. More like 40 dollars less then being in a 2 year contract.

brish2757d ago


From article:
"We're told that the two-year subscription will provide access to the Xbox Live Gold service and possibly some additional streaming content from cable providers or sports package providers."

It sounds like it does include XBox Live Gold to me.

I should have pointed out that you can get a gold subscription for a discount as well but I can't edit the comment anymore.

360GamerFG2757d ago

Sound maths there, except your calculations do not include the additional streaming content that is included in the subscription, whatever it may be.
Also your ps3 calculations do not include Move. . .then again, who buys Move anyway right??

kneon2757d ago

It's even worse than that, since Christmas they've periodically had the 4gb+kinect bundle on sale for $199. So if you just wait for the next sale you can get the same thing for much less.

flyingmunky2757d ago

Unfortunately the 'people' that shop at WalMart and the like won't be able to comprehend your math. All they will see will be the 99$ price tag. They will probably just think it was on sale and even think they saved a couple hundred bucks.

humbleopinion2757d ago

Here's some troll science that will show you how to get rich quickly:
* Buy Xbox 4Gb + Kinect = 99$
* Hack console, log in to xbox live, get console banned = 0$
* Terminate monthly payments because Microsoft banned your console and therefore ended the contract (not a breach of contract) = 0$
* Sell useless Kinect peripheral to a casual mom = -100$ ("I know I said 99$ ma'am, but I have no change)

Total costs: 99$ - 100$ = -1$
you just got payed 1$ for a (banned) Xbox 360 console which you now own! Repeat indefinitely for $$$!

* For additional $$$ get a router and make the biggest Halo 4 lan party ever! Charge people at the entrance.

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GuyManDude2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Right? $460 for a 4GB 360 + Kinect + 2 years XBL and 2 years of "content" (not explained).

Why not just buy a 4GB 360 for $150 (many suppliers have offered $50 GCs at the current $200 console price) and get two years of XBL on sale for $35 each? You skip the worthless Kinect and come to a total of $220 (or $270 + $50 GC).

I don't know the full details, but I can't see the additional content (along with a Kinect) being worth $240.

blue7_72757d ago

Not really it's actually very smart and it's going to be interesting how it does I think all the console makers will be paying attention.

It's all about impulse a lot of people are just going to be seeing $15 a month and thinking how cheap that is they won't realize that in two years it would be cheaper to just buy it but like I said this is all about those impulse buyers.

flyingmunky2757d ago

It really brilliant though, think about it.

M$ traps people on the old box so they can squeeze a few more bucks out of it. They basically are assured revenue for 2 years.

The average American is so dumb they won't know they got shafted until its already to late.

aviator1892757d ago

Hmm, not really if you think about it. Attractive price point and a good deal.

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SlipperyMooseCakes2757d ago

Why not, cell phones do it. It's not for me and I personally don't like contracts but sometimes people prefer this route.

mcstorm2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I agree with you here and in a way this could work if MS can go a deal with someone like Sky in the UK where you pay £100 for the 360 and Kinect but you sign up to a 2 year Sky contract where you get full skytv, ondemand, music movies and sport ect. Ide look at something like the instead of my BTVision box I have.

Yes its not to everyone but they could offer the console at full price and you can opt to sign up for a month rolling contract to this content.

To me I would love to have 1 device under my tv that will do everything I want rather than 3 of 4 different devices.

kneon2757d ago

It's kind of funny that right now my cell phone carrier is giving away 4gb+kinect bundles when you sign up for certain smartphone plans.

So you have a choice as to with which company you want to get locked into a contract.

Summons752757d ago

wait.....I just woke up so I have no idea if I'm reading this correctly. They might offer an xbox 360, kinect, and two years of xbox live with a two year warranty for $99? That isn't that bad outside of it being a 4gb

Frankfurt2757d ago

Reading it wrong. Think "cellphone".

mushroomwig2757d ago

You're also paying $15 a month for 2 years = $360. It's not a good deal.

It would be cheaper just to buy everything out-right.

Summons752757d ago

alright, must have missed that part thanks

Godchild10202757d ago

It's a good idea if you're on a budget and hopefully the 15 dollars is tax free. This is for those that can afford to spend 400 plus dollars on a console at one time.

This is not bad depending on how you look at it.

2757d ago
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