Iwata: Wii U/3DS will cater to core gamers first, mass market second

Eurogamer- Nintendo's strategy with the 3DS's early years and its forthcoming Wii U launch is to put core-orientated games ahead of efforts to attract the mass market, according to CEO Satoru Iwata.

Speaking in an investor Q&A following its financial report last week, Iwata explained that the platform holder has learned from mistakes made with the Wii.

While that console succeeded in attracting new customers with more casual titles such as Wii Sports, he admitted Nintendo had then struggled to convince core gamers to take the platform seriously, which negatively impacted the system's long term success.

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ape0072759d ago

After seeing Rayman Legends, the wiiu controller looks pretty Neat

Abash2759d ago

That worried me more than anything, I dont want to have to use physical items and scan them on my controller for gaming

MattyF2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

They are secondary options -- not required to the game. If you happen to buy the heart figurine, then you'll be able to get extra hearts at your time of need.

ape0072759d ago

mattyF might be right

Abash2759d ago


I think you missed my point, Id much prefer if these things were done through codes or at the very worst cards to scan. Physical items are a real turn off, and I dont want to have to store dozens of items like that just from the games that will be using this feature.

user54670072759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Thats my worry aswell

I don't want to have a box full of crappy toys for my Wii U

It's like they want the core audience back on their side but they just can't let go of the casual audience...

I fear that they might just be saying this to lure the core back in, kind of like when MS did that near to Kinects launch..."Oh yeah it's for casual and core but core comes first", "Lots and lots of core games coming for Kinect", "Kinect was built for core gamers" and what happened for recently find out that they built Kinect with the casual audience in mind from the start.

Nintendo really need to impress me as I'm closely going to make sure I don't get sucked in to any tricks they may have up their selves....I'm sick of being tricked into hype this gen by false promises, statements or advertising.

blitz06232759d ago

Hey Nintendo - I will believe it when I see it. For now, the Wii U is just another Wii in my eyes. I hope I am proven wrong

ChickeyCantor2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

" Physical items are a real turn off, "

Break it, get the chip out, tape it to a plastic card. Done.

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Akuma-2759d ago

When have I heard this again? A lot of people have short term memory. I just want Nintendo to show and not say. Remember when wii had a drought for core games and fans asked reggie when they'll release some and he said animal crossing coming out is for the core.

mike1up2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

"show and not say"

It's funny because I used to wish the same thing about you, with your previous Nintendo hate (show meaning providing links to absurd claims). But anyways...

So the next time that somebody ask Iwata a question about the WiiU, you prefer him to not answer... am I right?

Akuma-2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

@ Mr Mike

I'm not sure how old you are sir but Nintendo have been saying this for years. I'm not talking about hear-say, I'm talking about reading quotes and actually watching Nintendo reps saying they'll mostly cater to core gamers.

I know a lot of times posers say they love mass and diverse games but they're fanboys who turn a blind eye to the truth of gaming. When I say poser I mean someone who says theyre not a fanboy and loves gaming no matter where the games are coming from but you point out truths about their fav console and they automatically label others as idiots and liars.

Point out facts like : wii is the weakest system this gen and you'll be labeled a fanboy or idiot, then you'll get the " weakest systems always win. Or graphics doesn't matter.
To point out the fact that a regular controller would have been better suited for a lot of wii games than the wiimote and you'll get mass disagrees and called idiot or something.

Nintendo doesn't have the manpower to make mass exclusives like Sony and they will have a harder and longer time to release exclusive titles because dev times will be longer and cost more to make than wii gen. They will have to rely on a lot of third party games. Core gamers won't jump on the wii us train if the graphics and tech is like the hd consoles this gen.

PopRocks3592758d ago

Actually since they unveiled the Wii, they have not spoken much of the core market at all. In fact, in many respects the way they presented the Galaxy games and Smash Bros. was almost in a way to bring in both the core gamers and the casual audience.

With the Wii U, we know not yet what their business model happens to be. In other words, save your skepticism for after E3.

Majin-vegeta2759d ago

Am i the only one seeing something here??Seems Nintendo want's to go back to it's root and go after the core gamers while M$ is going the WII route and try for the casuals?

Nutsack2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

No, what Nintendo says is:

The Wii route, casuals first means core gamers will never jump in.

They say MS's approach, core first, then casuals is better. Thats what they gonna try with WiiUrine. One small problem: the core gamer wants hardware thats exponentially stronger than whats there on the market. Wii Urine will just be on par with PS360 and run ports and pretty same looking versions of multiplats, added some Mario and Zelda HD versions.

MS will do the same again next gen. Will go for core gamers first, then casuals again. Simple also as core gamers/innovators/early adapters are willing to pay more than majority and laggards. Core gamers, real fans also do great mouth to mouth marketing selling a system. Then they roam off the market till it reach majority/mass of marketing and bring in the more casual stuff again.

Another problem for Nintendo, the Wii name still breaths kiddy stuff. So if they want to go for the core, they'd better change the name.

Most surprising: they also say 3DS is for core gamers first. Pretty sure that the 3DS sells to kids. They bought DS's before and get 3DS's now. All the core gamers I know bought a PSVita, all kids in the family buy 3DS's. Don't see this changing with WiiUrine. Core gamers own a PS3/360 now and are waiting for real next gen in 720/PS4.

StanSmith2759d ago

WiiUrine? Grow up!

You are in for a shock next gen as there is no way MS & Sony will go for lots more power in their hardware. Sony isn't going to let history repeat itself with high priced hardware at launch. Microsoft's only focus will be kinect 2.

As for your Microsoft = Core talk, Microsoft have dumped the Core gamers. They only care for casual gamers now. The handful of exclusives provided by MS the past couple of years proves that. I'd put $100 down on a bet that at E3, there will be more actors on stage pretending to play Kinect.

Only one company got the Core/Casual balance right this gen and that was Sony. Next Gen, i'll pick up the WiiU and the PS4. It's Microsoft that will have to prove to me that they aren't going to screw me over like they have this gen.

Outside_ofthe_Box2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

***"Wii Urine will just be on par with PS360"***

Judging from the rayman video the graphics look better than the PS3/360. So I wouldn't say it's on par.


You're telling someone who's user name is nutsack to grow up. He's probably 11 years old, cut him some sack. lol

I'd be disappointed though if the nextbox and PS4 aren't more powerful than the Wii U. At the end, it's all about the games though.

Theyellowflash302758d ago

The 3ds has a large variety of core games.

GraveLord2759d ago

Don't believe everything Nintendo says. They are just saying what people want to hear.

Will they really go for the core gamer? We'll find out this E3.

PopRocks3592759d ago

They catered to core gamers during the 64 and GCN. Their "casual" business model isn't currently working.

Kinda makes sense for them to change gears.

metsgaming2759d ago

Wii dont believe you nintendo, so prove it !

LOL_WUT2759d ago

They have alot to prove on this years E3, but well see.

FinalomegaS2758d ago

"They are just saying what people want to hear. "

this was the president talking to people, he was talking to the investors. Big difference.

These are the suits that you better tell the truth to or they will pull their financial backing out.

I don't see what's so hard to go for the core, they were core for the N64 and Cube...

But they tried a new business model and went casual to bring in new gamers. Maybe their strategy will pay off or maybe

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ChickeyCantor2759d ago

"Seems Nintendo want's to go back to it's root"

Have you met the NES, have you seen how much casual crap they made for it?

*in latina voice*
Don't act you know them.

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TheFinalEpisode2759d ago

I'll just have to wait and see if this statement is true, the Wii pretty much tricked me into thinking it was a console for the hardcore gamers with games like Metroid 3,Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess and Brawl early in its life but then after Brawl everything seemed to be aimed at the casuals.

metsgaming2759d ago

Yea, i wish. Nintendo has to prove themselves, i just dont believe them. I hope that they become more core but i doubt it. They have alot of work to do, E3 will show if they are even remotely serious or not.

Enigma_20992759d ago

Fine. Just don't turn into your one stop shop for all things FPS....

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