As a Gamer, We're Doing it Wrong

The confusing state of gamer opinion on the web and beyond, the backwards mentality of righteous indignation, and the hypocrisy of gamer entitlement according to Intense Gaming TV co-founder Ian M. Jones.

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Whitefeather2751d ago

I'm starting to get tired of all these "journalists" judging me and telling me all I do wrong, bad, etc.

LOGICWINS2751d ago

Why take it personally in the first place?

Whitefeather2751d ago

I don't I just think that these so called journalists seem to have a very high opinion of themselves and that they can see what all gamers are doing wrong as a whole.

Nothing personal just getting bored of reading head line after headline saying wrong this, bad that or mistake here and so on and so forth.

RyuX192751d ago

They aren't just talking about you they are talking about the majority. The majority of gamers are not defending their stances. There are so many people against Capcom, EA, and Activision yet they still constantly buy their products.

Whitefeather2751d ago

Problem is when it comes down to it I might hate Activision but I want to play prototype 2 so I just go out and buy it and enjoy it. Same goes for Capcom but to be honest I really shouldn't.

Although right now 90% of game companies are doing the same thing, cutting out pieces of the game to sell later and only way it can be stopped is a world wide boycott but that's a pipe dream.

vortis2750d ago

Whitefeather nails it right now. It is a pipedream to assume that core gamers alone can turn the tide when so many casual noobs just buy because they're told to through fancy marketing ads.

While core gamers can help smaller franchises get recognized (I.e., Limbo, Demon's Souls, Bastion) casual gamers are the ones who help turn major profits by latching onto franchises popularized by core gamers (i.e., Call of Duty, Mass Effect, Halo, Gran Turismo, etc.,) you can't tell core gamers that they're the main reason the industry is in a schemingly bad place, it's due to both core and casual gamers.

We can inform the former but not the latter. Casual gamers don't come to websites like this and they don't get informed about their purchases, which actually just makes it bad for gamers all the way around, especially us core gamers.