Datura + HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer + 2nd Move = Glimpse Of The Future Of Gaming?

The Plastic Demoscene Group has published a cool video showing off an experimental feature of the upcoming Move/3D-compatible PSN game Datura which allows to use a second Move for 1:1 camera control.

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christian hour4428d ago (Edited 4428d ago )

Nothing new I have to say, I've seen someone do amazing head tracking with just a Wii remote that essentially turned his tv into a window capable of creating an illusion of 3d better than I've experienced on any 3d tv. I cant understand why it hasnt been implimented into games yet, i seen that vid like 5 years ago or something!

edit: Just properly watched the vid before rushing in to comment and realised they also utilised a vr display so the image takes up your entire FOV, so this is slightly different than my WII mote example, but the same principle apply and you dont need to wear goofy looking goggles.

iWaggleVR4428d ago (Edited 4428d ago )

That Wii video you refer exposed head *position* tracking functionality (which is rather cool), that is tracking your head position relative to the screen and changing vanishing point accordingly.

This one does head *angulation* tracking (and no position tracking as far as I can tell), that is tracking your head orientation.

As for the googles, well, they add to the immersion and also allow to look around without having to keep your eyes pointed towards a fixed screen :)

PS: not saying this is something new. Just pointing out the differences.

raytraceme4428d ago

But something like this being done with an fps would be insane!!!

Machioto4428d ago

@iwaggle I love your videos,I was wondering after your analysis of move implementation can you preview further up coming videos you plan to do.

christian hour4428d ago

Thanks for the clarification iWaggle3D :) That is vastly different and never thought about that, more bubbles for you!

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specialguest4428d ago

Awww snap!

Can't watch the video on my phone.


Air Conflicts: Secret Wars - PlayStation Move's Best Kept Secret

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars debuted in 2011, and later updated for modern consoles. However, it's the PlayStation 3 edition that stands out.


Why the PlayStation Move Failed

Sony's PlayStation Move may not have been able to contend with Nintendo's Wii, but it paved the way for PlayStation VR's success story.

SullysCigar1007d ago

I use them most days and have for years 🤷🏻‍♂️

They're definitely way past a needed update, but I've got a tonne of fun out of them, so they haven't failed me.

bouzebbal1007d ago

The best motion control platform it's so intuitive.. Died due to lack of support from Sony.. It had some amazing games

thorstein1007d ago

They are used constantly for PSVR games. So, no they haven't failed. Neither has PSVR (or VR in general.)

Bigman4k1007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

The article was talking about why it ps move failed before psvr came along


It failed because it sucked plain and simple.

LOGICWINS1008d ago

I feel that's a bit harsh. To this day, playing Killzone 3's campaign with PS Move/Sharpshooter gun combo is the most fun/immersive experience I've ever had with an FPS.

I think Move was simply not as profitable as Sony wanted it to be, but it didn't "suck".


It most definitely sucked. You people can act like it was something special all you want but it was horrible. The entire motion control fad was a waste of resources and time. Ever single motion controller besides the Wii failed and is no longer being used today in gaming. It's ok to admit it...

Minute Man 7211008d ago


The Move was better that the Wii mote. If the Wii was anywhere accurate as the Move was you could say the Wii was better. Sure it sold boatloads but was it really played consistently??

yeahokwhatever1008d ago

I played it in 3D with the move gun on a 100 inch projector and it BLEW MY MIND. I was exhausted, but i finished the campaign standing there.

SullysCigar1007d ago

"Ever single motion controller besides the Wii failed and is no longer being used today in gaming"

Just no. Games release most weeks (for years now) that support Move controllers. Some ONLY use Move controllers.

Look, I get you're not a fan, but if you're going to rant, at least inform yourself in advance.

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LordoftheCritics1008d ago

I would say both Move and Kinect weren't supported properly.

Sony and MS abandoned what could have been amazing.


Kinect sucked too. I would say Kinect may have been cool had it worked as intended but it was ahead of it's time. Both Kinect and Move are gimmicks nothing more. I honestly don't see why Sony still implements "motion controls" recent controllers. Who really uses that crap? And to play what?

Profchaos1008d ago

I so t think Sony abandoned the move it's technically repurposed and still supported on the ps5 just for VR

RedDevils1007d ago

Kinect should be kept as media interactive features.

LordoftheCritics1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

Again if it was supported right.

Where even a fast click of my fingers could get an immediate in game response.

It feels trash because we have been shown or lived with bad versions of gesture based tech. Think Minority Report fast. That could be something.

''You people can act like it was something special all you want but it was horrible.''

No one is acting like it was special, I said it could be amazing.

''I think Move was simply not as profitable as Sony wanted it to be''

Like I said, it wasnt supported. Give us a AAA game with precision gestures well implemented into the game and then we can discuss profits.

1008d ago

I don't deal in "what if". It wasn't supported right and even if it was it was still a gimmick.

thorstein1007d ago

"Like I said, it wasnt supported. Give us a AAA game with precision gestures well implemented into the game"

You just described every AAA PSVR game. And even the indies have incredible integration. No Man's Sky VR is insanely good.

Silly gameAr1008d ago

And, you can act like it was horrible, but I had a blast with my Move. I had the whole collection of House of the Dead, Dead Space Extraction, and RE Darkside Cronicles, The Fight, and Socom 4, and I would play the hell out of those games I even beat a playthrough of the Resistance 3 campaign with the Move. Getting drunk and playing with friends was a freaking blast.

You can pretend that you had a move and played it all you want SPeak the Truth, but it was accurate, and usually on point. I hate when people act like they've played something just to trash it, when they really just have a vendetta, and think the Move is easy prey for your hate.

Minute Man 7211008d ago

Wait you can play Dead Space with the Move?? I need it

Orchard1008d ago

“You can pretend that you had a move”

I love this crazy idea that if someone has something bad to say about hardware/software - they must be lying about owning it and clearly do not own it!

Because all hardware and software has a 100% approval rating from all purchasers…