Far Cry 3 Dev: ‘You Should Be Playing With Friends’

Far Cry 3 game designer Daniel Berlin has suggested to 360 Magazine that players trying to lone wolf it through his multiplayer matches won’t have a good time.

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Hoje03082758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I'm on the fence with this one. Far Cry 2 multiplayer died out quickly and this one looks like it's adopted the feel of COD, which I'm not a fan of. I guess I'll take a chance and see if I like the feel of it and if it has any longevity, as I'm still very excited about the single player.

mushroomwig2758d ago

Isn't that the case for every multiplayer game out there? It's always better with some friends.

mr_badhand2758d ago

That's what its all about, playing with friends.

VanillaBear2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Sorry but I see my friends all the time when I'm not in the house. I see them around college, work, going out on the field to get some fresh air.

The only time I get away from them for some peace and quiet is when I'm at home resting and when I say resting I'm talking about playing on my games.

Telling us we need our friends for an online game is ridiculous, even when your playing with your friends who really help each other, usualy it's every man for themselfs. The only reason we do go on with them is to talk through our's like phoning them except your shooting the crap out of their character online.

You don't need them, they aren't required, there just there for the chit chat

You know when you see a games advert and it has them playing as a team you just can't help but shake your head and think "....Bullsh*t"

So no...I'm going to play Far Cry 3's online by myself, go solo and enjoy every second.

Honest_gamer2758d ago

i know it annoys me so much when devs are like "if u dont play as a team (or with friends) you will lose" yet every game i think ive ever been in minus RTS games, everyone runs of on there own, even if u run around in the game with your friends its like they don't help until AFTER you are dead lol

Baka-akaB2758d ago

Wich is why i dont even bother with current fps online . Some actually have this awesome team system , wich becomes useless because you'll randomly just encounter rushers and morons .

It becomes an ordeal of scheduling sessions with people you know and can trust , but even then , you'll still mostly meet chaos on the opposing side .

i'm always baffled by the supremacy of team squad based games , when you mostly do your own thing trying to grab as much points and xp you can , on your own .

I mean , arena and skills based shooters died for that ? The same feeling of struggling on your own , minus the glory , the self satisfaction , the fun , and for the most part with a characters gimped by classes , physical abilities perks and weapons ?

Sorry but give me back Quake 2-3 and the (real) unreal tournament any day over that kind of grind/borefest .

At least a few of the tps trend is fixing that with fast paced mp that doesnt pretend to be realistic or truly team based .

brettyd2758d ago

None of my friends play video sucks.

mushroomwig2758d ago

My friends play video games but the problem is they're playing on the one console I don't own.

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