nVidia endorses FPS They, new screen released

nVidia's so enamoured with Metropolis Software's sci-fi FPS They that the graphics company's signed it up to its 'The Way its meant to be played' program "quite early".

Due in 2009 on PC and console, They has been in development for around 10 months and was originally announced in July 2007. A new screenshot, which CVG has uploaded, has accompanied the news on the nVidia endorsement.

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f7ss13931d ago

not another fps, please stop

mighty_douche3931d ago

FPS is my favourite genre (as well as 99% of PC gamers) so the more the better!

You dont buy them all do you, just the good ones.

Feihc Retsam3931d ago

For a game that is endorsed by a company that makes graphics enhancing hardware, you think they'd wait until they had an impressive screenshot before releasing it. The visuals just look flat. And WTF is that thing!?