Mortal Kombat (Vita) Will Need a Lot of Space on Your Memory Card

With the release of Mortal Kombat on the PlayStation Vita today, there are several of you that might get the game digitally via the PlayStation Store. If that’s the case, you should more likely expect to download a huge amount of data onto your memory card, thus a 4GB card might be almost enough.

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izumo_lee2759d ago

However if you buy a physical copy you will only need enough space for the save file. If people were planning to buy downloadable games from the start than they should have bought the 32gb card from the get go, but if you are someone like me who likes an actual copy of the game than a smaller memory card should suffice like 8 or 16.

admiralvic2759d ago

What is the point in even saying this? If you wanted to go all digital, then surely you should have got a 16/32 gb card. At the 32 gb size, you can get anywhere from 10 to 60 games on one card. With numbers like this, surely you could find SOME GAME you're not going to play for a while and make space for new things so the card never leaves your device.

Baka-akaB2759d ago

Only if you let them hang around out of boxes and bags .

Either way i dont see how people can not pay attention to 30-40 $ cards .

Game4life2759d ago

I got a 8 with my vita but i know i will get a 32 eventually just because of downloadable games that are not retail.

TooTall192759d ago

News worthy? All your memory card needs is a few mb. Downloading from PSN isn't necessary.

admiralvic2759d ago

While not necessary, people do it or it wouldn't be offered. Additionally when people hear things like Uncharted being 2.3 or so GB... they quickly and I mean QUICKLY assume they can buy any game off the PSN and use it on their card.

aDDicteD2759d ago

too bad for those who have 4gb memory card owners

Baka-akaB2759d ago

those guys already knew or should have known it wouldnt be enough . It was barely enough for 2-3 games on psp , what made them think it would be enough for vita ones ?

aDDicteD2758d ago

exactly, they knew this one's coming

Skateboard2759d ago

Good thing I have a physical copy.

cervantes992759d ago

This is why I bought a 32GB Memory card.

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