In-Depth Turok Hands-on - Predator, or Prey

Following a marathon hands-on session with the upcoming rebirth of the Turok series on next-gen machines, Gameplayer declare it a success in this in-depth hands-on account.

"The ferociousness of the attack demands all our attention as jaws lined with inch-long teeth snatch hungrily at our own neck. With both hands we push back, holding death at bay and when the first wave of strength fades from our reptilian threat, we bring our knife down into the side of its head. Thrust! Thrust! Thrust!"

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Prismo_Fillusion3938d ago

Awesome picture of the player fighting a T-rex in the article.
Also it talks about a third species of giants bugs and crabs and shtuff, along with some new creatures.
Not to mention the 14 hour-long campaign and multiplayer modes.

I was getting a little worried about Turok the last couple weeks, but this has reaffirmed my belief that I'll love the game.

M0KILLaU3938d ago

I too had some fears about this game after seeing some early work-ups, dinos looked a little too cell shaded. after watching a the latest vids i'm sold. This will be the next game I buy!

P.S I hope they bring back the cerebral bore.

SlappingOysters3937d ago

I hoped the same thing, but I read that there will definitely be no cerebral bore - can't remember where, it was like the first question in an interview by a fanboy.