After insane development cycle, online game Tera finally poised for launch

Taking on World of Warcraft is no small task. Just ask the folks who made Tera, the massively multiplayer online world that launches in North America for the first time tomorrow, May 1.

Tera is in a rare category of fantasy online gaming worlds that take forever to create because they have to debut with a massive amount of content — enough for fans to stay busy for a long time, not just a week or so, as with many single-player games. Work on Tera began in March 2007, and a total of 280 developers worked on the game between developer Bluehole Studio in South Korea and En Masse Entertainment in Seattle.

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barefootgamer2755d ago

I played a little of the beta. Seems like a good MMO, but with Diablo III coming out in two weeks, I don't have the time to commit.

ATi_Elite2755d ago

will play Tera for a bit!

Kamikaze1352754d ago

Definitely a game to check out. Lots of fun and great community.

davidfca2754d ago

I dig how you have all these character races like the elves and the humans and the Castanic whatevers looking like tall, slim, impossibly beautiful supermodel types, and then suddenly up jumps the Popori looking like super-fat beady-eyed panda people.

Meanwhile, I know exactly who the Elin are aimed at, and I wish that I didn't.