SBG Review | The House of the Dead 4: More arcade shooting on PS3

Eric Albuen: "For the first time since its release in the arcades back in 2005, House of the Dead 4 finally makes its first console appearance on the PlayStation 3. Considering how many times the previous games have been released and re-released, it amazes me this one didn’t come out sooner."

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Army_of_Darkness2389d ago

But as soon as I asked her for her credit card to purchase this game on PSN, she gave me her card info without question lol! thats why I gotta love these arcade shooters! it's a good couple game;)
Sega needs to make a PS3 exclusive HOTD5! just imagine how sick it will be using the PS3 to it's full potential!

deno2389d ago

This game is awesome. I've been playing house of the dead games since arcade and sega saturn. My sega fans no what's up.

Kyosukedanteyui2389d ago

Used to go the Dave and Busters just to play this game.

kingPoS2388d ago

This is absolute blast if you have 2x move+gun accessories.