IGN: NFL Tour Review 4.7 XBOX360 4.5 PS3

Not only has NFL Tour dropped the ball, it's completely taken the air out of the old NFL Street series entirely. The tricks, attitude and character that made its predecessors enjoyable is lost in favor of unbalanced play, missing incentives to progress through a bland tour, and a horrible presentation. If you're looking for an arcade football title, this definitely isn't it. Track down an old copy of NFL Street instead.

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Darkiewonder3932d ago

This game will sell at least 500k.

TheHater3932d ago

it America, crappy games like this sell over here. While good games don't. I don't get that at all.

killax35633932d ago

Maybe 300k or 400k over its lifetime.

I just saw some gameplay videos. This game looks like absolute sh!t. The ps2 could play this game easily. And this is as ps3/xbox360 game? What an insult EA, you should be ashamed of yourself.

toughNAME3932d ago

both written by the same guy on one of the most respected game reviewing sites

ruibing3932d ago

I think his reasonings was the forced use of the sixaxis:

"The lone downside is that the PS3 version forces you to constantly shake the Sixaxis instead of hitting a button like the 360 version of the game."

Might be enough to warrant a drop in score if the guy also hates the Wii. I really wish developers would stop putting in these gimmicky differences so we can really understand the neutrality of these websites.

540damn3932d ago

wtf? in the demo you can turn the sixaxis stuff off.
you would think a respected reviewer, as you were saying, could at least figure that out.
now we know how serious the reviewers are taking these reviews.
how can you dock the ps3 score, and make it look bad, when you have no idea what youre talking about?

PStriple7033932d ago

it looks like a ps2 game!

Genuine3932d ago

Even shovelware is inferior on ps3.

games4fun3932d ago

even when its a crappy game you cant help but troll about the ps3

does it keep you up at night?

bootsielon3932d ago

And you can't help but make your opinion from others' opinions, taking as gospel IGN's review just because they didn't like SIXAXIS.


heavyarms3932d ago

Really it does sux arse on both system.

TheHater3932d ago

I agree. After all, it is made my EA. EA should leave the Sports games to 2KSPORTS. Their sports game kick EA sports games ass

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The story is too old to be commented.