Blogging Video Game Launched Today | Conquer a Worldwide Audience

Mindpoint Software Technology has launched the beta release of a content driven video game for bloggers that encourages other quality website authors to write about your content and provide you with backlinks.

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GameBadger2389d ago

GameBadger would play that... :)

JerryMatters2389d ago

Signing up for this right now!

GamePoint2389d ago

I think a social video game based on what sites have written about and are linking to is a pretty smart idea. At least there's a big incentive here for gaining backlinks and the right way I might add. Pretty clever.

gameguidedog2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Now that's something to wrap your head around....

GamePoint2389d ago

Being able to post and get instant linkbacks is going to make this a tough system to contend with. Never mind that it's wrapped up as a video game, they screen all the members so it's always going to be 'just good stuff' being written about your site. I'll see if they approve mine. I've been writing online for about 8 months now.

JerryMatters2389d ago

I'm already approved on the beta! I got the flags for free along with some other stuff you'd usually have to earn... along with starting at level 2, that's pretty sweet! Wicked bitchen!!

GameBadger2389d ago

Yes I read something somewhere that if you join the video game now before it goes gold in two weeks, you even get some lifelong bennies. Gratz bro!

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