Guild Wars 2 Beta Impressions | GoozerNation

GoozerNation writes, "The first public beta weekend for Guild Wars 2 went live over the weekend. Despite the server issues, the game itself was quite enjoyable. When first entering the actual game world, my very first thought was, ‘wow!’ I was very impressed by the looks of the environment and the character models. Out of all the MMO’s I’ve played, I feel that Guild Wars 2 has the best first impressions, as far as the presentation of the game goes. My experience so far with the beta was been a pleasant one, even all the way from character creation."

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JimmyJames702758d ago

This game looks cool. I should check it out.

Dylken2758d ago

Played the beta and had a blast - overall a really great game

wollie2757d ago

beta was amazing. best mmo beta i've ever been in.