CES: First details of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Some new details of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed from Ars Technica:

* Boss battles will be huge in scope, including a Rancor fight. There will be God of War-like button-tapping sections at the end of the battle, but it will only be for more points; you won't lose a battle by missing a button press

* There will be character and lightsaber customization, although you won't be able to dual-wield or have dual-bladed lightsabers

* The Wii version of the game will include a two-player duel mode where you can show off your lightsaber skills against a friend in the same room.

* The PSP version will contain classic scenes from other Star Wars movies with the more over-the-top force powers of Unleashed

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LinuxGuru3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

ummm....where did you read that, buddy?

This game is coming out on every system known to man.

It'll suck balls on everything but ps3 / 360, of course....but....yeah.

drewdrakes3937d ago

Whats that? wil4hire has been declared between the class of weasel and monkey, and no longer has human rights at all?

Eretik3937d ago

I think it will be another crap title

kunark3937d ago

no dual wielding sabers boo!!! i love haveing 2 sabers it was pure ownage in the other star wars games they need to have a online version of this game and put dual sabers in the game befor the relese and that saber that darth maul had too

jaja14343937d ago

I fully agree. I love DW in KOTOR.

poos33937d ago

this game wont be ass good as kotor or mass effect tis not an rpg its a hack and slash action game like most lucas arts star wars game

DeadlyFire3936d ago

I am a little shocked that there will be no options for Dual wielding or double bladed sabers. This means that Jedi Knight still keeps crown as far as I am concerned on the PC. Physics control should be quite interesting though even if I must use a single one bladed saber. This game needs a PC version so it can be modded to have dual and double bladed sabers. :P

M0KILLaU3937d ago

Great article, there is so little info being released about this game that anything to be put out is rad. cannot fn wait, I hope the April 8th release date holds.

Durffen3937d ago

I'm excited for the Wii version. But i hope they actually try and go there best. I just don't want the game to end up with crappy controls and crappy graphics.

akaFullMetal3937d ago

with it coming out on every system, ill bet that the wii version will get the least type of attention and really wont be that good, since they would need to spend alot of time getting the motion controls right, and well with everything else it is just different control schemes for every system besides the wii, so i dont predict that the wii version will be that good

JBaby3433937d ago

I've been wanting this game ever since I saw the Pre-vis Force Powers video. All of it sounds amazing (although dual-wield would have been the ultimate). Still cannot wait for this one. I hope they continue to give us more info. Perhaps a trailer on PSN & XBL.

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