Star Wars: The Force Unleashed ruined the Star Wars Franchise

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed took the Star Wars setting from a Space Opera to a Shonen anime, and did lasting damage to the franchise as a whole.

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Vengeance1138127d ago

Then came Jedi: Fallen Order to revive it.
Jedi Survivor is truly amazing to experience, nothing better out there when it comes to Star Wars games.

Daeloki126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

That's a bit of a stretch. I loved the game, it was an amazing action filled pack and you could do so much weird shit (admittedly the sequel wasn't as great). However, under no point did I ever have any trouble separating it from Star Wars canon. The game has exagerated force powers because it's fun, everyone knows it's not lore-accurate. It's the same as the final boss of The Matrix game. The game almost ends as the movie, but then we get a message from the Wachowski sisters, explaingin how a the martyr ending works great for a movie... but a game should feel more epic, so instead you get to face a final mega Smith formed from all his clones. My point being, people can separate the epic exagerations of a game from the more grounded rules of canon/lore.

Edit: Just to add, that I aknowledge The Rise of Skywalker was a shitshow, but there were millions of other reasons for that, TFU is hardly to blame there...

Kneetos126d ago

I'm a casual force unleashed, enjoyer
Thought both games were pretty good

senorfartcushion126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Starkiller - the original Mary Sue (after Luke Skywalker bent a molten blaster bolt around a corner, and through a tiny hole in The Death Star, while flying an X-wing in space. And all despite having next to no training in how to use The Force.)

It did help ruin the franchise, but it was already ruined by silly novels and badly-thought-out comic book adaptations. The EU did enough damage to the universe that the trajectory was bound to hit “JEDI SUPERHERO WHO CAN WRESTLE STAR DESTROYERS OUT OF THE SKY” territory.

It’s part of why The Force Unleashed and The Last Jedi had such a negative backlash. The Force Unleashed copied and pasted the structure of A New Hope, which was enough for some people to buy, but I heard countless musings from people, whining that the characters were not as jumpy or powerful as Starkiller - with Starkiller being the one character mentioned for reference. The Last Jedi, for some people, is their favourite Star Wars film, for others, it wasn’t. What I didn’t like about TLJ’s backlash is how much people were moaning about it being different to the rest of the franchise, when it is about as derivative as The Force Awakens was.

Daeloki126d ago

"after Luke Skywalker bent a molten blaster bolt around a corner, and through a tiny hole in The Death Star, while flying an X-wing in space. And all despite having next to no training in how to use The Force."

Not to mention having next to no experience in piloting a fighter


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Tacoboto91d ago

Coming soon on the UE4 Engine, preorder to guarantee access to the Force Stutter ability available exclusively on PC before it gets removed after the launch window.

Rikimaru-0091d ago

this would be so awesome, i still play this game up till today.

Knightofelemia91d ago

I am not a Star Wars fan but I enjoyed the Force Unleashed and the sequel. Shadows of the Empire was another Star Wars game I also enjoyed.

RpgSama91d ago

I had Shadows of the Empire on N64 and I used to finish that game basically weekly. LOVED that game.


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