Only next gen consoles can save the racing game, says Blur designer

OXM UK: "The market "just isn't there anymore" for Blur, Split/Second and Motorstorm.

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dirigiblebill2762d ago

Not sure why technology is so crucial to racing and not, say, the FPS.

Liking the look of this new kart racer.

kneon2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

Well for games that focus on realistic physics and graphics technology, plays a big role. That's not critical to an FPS.

But I think he's overplaying the importance, GT5 is probably north of 7-8 million in sales by now so it doesn't seem to have suffered.

If you've got a second rate game then expect second rate sales.

Army_of_Darkness2762d ago

What a sad excuse! Shift, gt5 and fortza seem to be doing pretty well ?!

Pintheshadows2762d ago

I don't know if that's the reason. It seems the ascent of certain genres (mp shooters) has hurt driving games a little this gen.

However I can disprove the argument by simply saying Burnout. If a new Burnout game was announced (fingers crossed) it would sell like hotcakes, whatever platform it came out for.

dirigiblebill2762d ago

"However I can disprove the argument by simply saying Burnout. If a new Burnout game was announced (fingers crossed) it would sell like hotcakes, whatever platform it came out for."

That's like saying Call of Duty's success means all first-person shooters sell big bucks. The problem is, some of the "big" genres are now effectively single games. FPS = Call of Duty, football = FIFA, TPS = Gears. The market's completely polarised - either you're one of the mega IPs, or you're flotsam.

Pintheshadows2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

True, but I was trying to get across that whilst the driving market has shrunk, for the right game it is still there.

Burnout is most definately that game when it comes to arcade racers.

It's a bit unfair to compare it to CoD as we've only had Paradise this gen. It's also odd that he ignores Mario Kart which sells by the bucket load, and both Gran Turismo, Forza, and the F1 games. The market is still there.

I forgot to mention Hot Pursuit which did okay. Split/Second deserved to do well. Blur, not so much.

To add to this I think gamers are a bit more discerning and aware of where quality lies these days. I think Burnout may now be the only franchise that can get away with fake cars (just look at Ridge Racers demise). Blur suffered because it relied on silly powerups that didn't gel well. I think all the calls for Underground 3 and Grid 2 should be an indicator of what people want. Pure arcade racing. Nothing more. Whilst we're at it i'd like a new Midnight Club.

Frankfurt2762d ago

Burnout Paradise and Ridge Racer Unbounded prove you wrong. EVen the last NFS sold badly.

Pintheshadows2762d ago

Burnout Paradise did fine. As for Unbounded and The Run look at my last comment. They were poor games, they didn't sell, they deserved that fate. However a new Burnout, GRID or NFS Underground game would do well. They're never going to hit GT or CoD numbers but I don't think anyone expects them to.

StrongMan2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

For whatever reason, the arcade racers just don't seem to sell anymore. If Blur, Split/Second, and Motorstorm don't sell anymore then Forza Horizons will tank miserably.


Forza 4 barely sold 2 million copies so an arcade version will sell far less.

hennessey862762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

a little bit about horizon which we don't how do you no. It could be brilliant/good/average/bad we just don't no

@strongman-again how do we no its arcade, we no nothing about it

Robotronfiend2762d ago

Depends on which side of the fence you are on (arcade or sim style). Both Forza and GT5 sold pretty well and were excellent games released more than halfway through the console's life cycle.

I think that both Blur and SPlit/Second didn't find big commercial audiences because they weren't as much fun as older arcade racing titles, and not as technically sound as current sims. I played both and there just weren't as much fun as GT5, Forza, or even GRID.

Perhaps the audience has shifted away from arcade racers and into sim racers instead - or those games mentioned just weren't up to par with the other games released around them.

I'd much rather race in GT5 than any of those mentioned in the article, but I like racing sims better.

I would also like to add that I love GRID and would definitely buy GRID 2 if they made it.

Regent_of_the_Mask2762d ago

Racing games don't need saving unless their mediocre ones like Blur & Sonic Racing.

gumgum992760d ago

I fail to see how THe first Sega Allstars Racing game was mediocre. It was a pretty solid title from what I played, and many other gamers felt the same way. It wasn't perfect, sure, but far from mediocre.

Any faults the original had will be fixed this fall with the sequel. Blur didn't have enough to set itself apart as a racing game, let alone a brand name as recognizable as Mario and Sonic.

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The story is too old to be commented.