Crytek on piracy: people “want to play our games, they just don’t want to buy them”

When I saw Crysis 3 recently, I asked senior creative director Rasmus Højengaard about the notoriously high piracy figures for Crysis 2, and whether they planned to do anything differently this time.

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NYC_Gamer2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

I don't want to play any of Crytek latest casual software....

These will prob be the my last games brought from Crytek...


caseh2752d ago

I don't want to play their games or buy them, guess I just p*ssed on their generic parade.

jony_dols2752d ago

Piracy is part of the industry. Crytek shouldn't be complaining about it & just learn to accept it (like most other companies).

They have made a lot of money from us gamers over the years, and I wouldn't be surprised if their majority shareholders & CEO's are rolling in cash and living the life of Riley. So boo hoo.

wallis2752d ago

Fair play to crytek they really are a clever lot. I mean what an ingenius way to over come the issue of piracy they faced with crysis - just make the sequel so generic that it's not worth pirating.

Seriously though they need to grow up because they're just subscribing to the same old logical fallacy. There's no way of knowing that people who pirate don't buy at a later date and there's no way of knowing that those who pirate would have ever bought in the first place - equating piracy to lost sales is illogical. It's like saying that every person who ever went missing must be immortal because we never found their body. We don't know a damn thing about how piracy affects sales yet we've based policy after policy on assumed systems and processes with no evidence and strong argument to swing it either way. Any law that states EA is entitled to sweet fuck all other than a stamp in the face is an unjust law to me. They benefit from their work as it is - how can any one claim morality in their campaign for ten billion dollars instead of a measly seven?


The problem is not that people don't want to buy but want to play, the problem is that their games are no longer worth the money. Coupled with that, some people think they are entitled to play it anyway, hence the high piracy (not that I agree with that).

That said, I don't think Crytek is the only one complaining, and even if they were, they have the right to do so, afterall piracy is illegal. If people don't think it's worth the money, they should just look elsewhere, specially on PC when you guys have so many better option at lower price thanks to Steam.

But I also think they should stop talking and act, step up their games or step down their prices, Crysis 2 was hardly worth bargain bin...

neoandrew2752d ago

But the truth is, everyone that pirate their games, don't pay for them.

Kurylo3d2751d ago

Yea i agree, i bought farcry, crysis, and crysis expansion.... i dont even want to bother with crysis 2... after i played the demo i was tired of it. They destroyed what made crysis original good. They have no one to blame but themselves and need to stop looking for a scapegoat. No one wants to buy games that suck... though they may actually play them for a little bit even if they do suck.

versusALL2752d ago

Well I can apply that concept to almost anything. Who in their right mind WANTS to buy stuff.

Tachyon_Nova2751d ago

Depends I guess. I WANT to buy games, music and movies that I think deserve my money because if I and people like me don't then more stuff like it won't ever exist and I also WANT to reward those who put the effort in to making some good entertainment. So in a sense I definitely WANT to buy stuff.

If you postulate a universe where thee content happens regardless of whether people buy it or not, then I may or not want to buy it, but the world doesn't work like that so for now I still WANT to buy stuff.

C_Menz2752d ago

Well with the recent crackdown on many torrent sites I think we will see much less pirating than in recent years going forward. Sure they are still out there, but they are becoming less and less as they are shutdown through court or voluntarily.

Those who will always pirate will still do it, but those "casual" people who can simply Google a torrent and download will start to shift away from that if the global crackdown continues.

IaMs122751d ago

Crack down on torrents all they want and then something else will popup to replace it.

C_Menz2751d ago

Im not saying they will go away completely, but for the more average/casual person who pirates it will become more difficult and eventually they will not do it anymore.

SnakeCQC2752d ago

lol cryteks crysis games have been crazily badly made and extremely unoptimised code which is something their own devs have stated ps i downloaded their game........of origin which i regret very much the online for crysis is just a hack fest and the story was okay but i have no idea where the hype for the game game came from there are so many better games

Magic_Spatula2752d ago

All the hype for this game were about the visual aspects of the game. Yes, the original Crysis is one of the prettiest shooters I've ever seen, but the other aspects of the game are pretty sub par IMO.

Tachyon_Nova2751d ago

I disagree, I think it is the best game from a game play perspective that I've ever played. There are many people who agree with me that the game play is great.

I don't understand why people are so convinced Crysis games are bad. No, they just don't appeal to your play style. I think Killzone, Metal Gear Solid, Gears of War, Final Fantasy, Uncharted and any number of other games are boring as anything but I don't try and claim they are bad games, they just aren't the sort of games that I like to play and I don't enjoy them.

People love to complain about Call of Duty and how it tries to appeal to everyone, but when Crysis comes along and deliberately avoids trying to be a game for the simpleminded it gets slammed, even though its target audience actually loves it.

Magic_Spatula2751d ago

@ Tachyon_Nova

I never said that Crysis was a bad game, and yes I know everyone has their own taste in games as do I. I'm just saying that after playing so many shooters and getting bored of them, then playing Crysis for the first time (which was about a year or so after it was released). It just didn't do anything for me. Maybe it was because I got burnt out on shooters. Still, I didn't think that the game was great.

Kran2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

It's not like gamers are penalizing Crytek for a reason.

It's just all games are just too expensive these days. Gamers don't "want" to pirate games, but they don't want to buy games they believe may (I say may) let them down.

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